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Even with a great scaling with strength the damage is sub par at most and hp regen is really only useful early game the moveset and the weapon art is unique but not that useful
even with 66 str and two handing it doesn't make the damage that good
I'd like to know if the r2 on this weapon can be parried. Pretty sure it can, but I'd like confirmation.
I did it once, the host disconnected though after getting the riposte. HA!
Effective when simply going through an area to help regen somewhat without estus. Also very good at counteracting head of averace when buffed which helps with soul and item farming. Solid secondary swoon for a full strength build (faster than most great swords, ultra great swords, great axes, and great hammers)
Wrecks house in the 70-80 bracket in a pure strength build, recommend pairing with blessed offhand and ring swapping life out for sun princess if you take too much damage to keep lloyd ring buffs active. Also It seems to heal when swinging at an opponent in the middle of their roll i frames even if it doesnt register damage. Just be prepared for fellow duelists to butt chug estus or simply kill themselves after witnessing your hp climb back up anytime they try to tactically roll around you or get caught in a combo. In short, keep buff up, R1 R1 fake out the parry gods and do your favorite post victory gesture.
What weapon is more reliable in the long run?
I would love to know this as well...
I'd use the butcher knife, it's got a bit more range, great scaling with strengh and it's weapon art restores more hp per hit.
I use the Butcher's knife in my offhand so i can just use mainhand attack, offhand attack, repeat so i get good damage from my Irthyll Straight Sword in my main hand, and mehish healing and block value in my offhand. Just an idea.
This was my favourite candidate for buffing on strength/faith or strength/intelligence builds in dark souls 1, very sad to see it can't be buffed or even infused now! it's definitely the worst than it's ever been in any title. the health regen is about as useless as it's ever been. However, it's still not an awful weapon. it has a nice reach for the axe class, but quite lacklustre damage at later levels, especially on quality builds.
Well, could be because it's literally only usable as a strength weapon as it doesn't have any Dex scaling????
Can this be traded between players?
When I sharpen the butcher knife it doesn't recover my health when i attack, I'm currently using patch 1.09 so I don't know if they removed that feature or not, please help me
You are out of focus points, or mana...drink a blue potion!
It probably is healing, but the effect is miniscule.
Quick question, does anyone know a good fashion souls that would go with the butcher knife? Preferably with armor?
Black iron armor(from shrine handmaid after defeating knight slayer torsig)
Fallen knight armor
Try the Exile Mask. It kinda gives a Hannibal Lecter vibe. As for the rest of your set up, I'm not sure, but hopefully that's a start.
Winged Knight Helm + Exile Armor/Gauntlets + Black Iron Leggings + Dark Hand (offhand weapon) + Butcher's Knife (mainhand weapon)

Now you look like a crazed knight gone hollow enough to resort to cannabalism. GG sir, GG.
Desert Pyromancer hood, sellsword armor and leggings, slave knight gauntlets. The red and brass worn look really complements the chipp blade.