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Time to make a Negan build lol.
If you're going to make a Negan build, then the reinforced club would be a much better choice.
i dont see the option to make the spiked mace become infused along the heavy upgrade path despite having a heavy gem in my inventory when talking with andre.
does it need to be +5 normal before i can make it heavy or am i lacking an item that andre needs to be able to infuse beyond fire/raw/refined?
You need to give Andre the Farron Coal in order to access Heavy infusions
I use use a heavy spiked mace in pvp and pve and it works wonders!
It doesn't want to drop for me. Farmed the Evangelist around 20 times already and nothing.
I've killed just one - drop. xD
Usually takes me more than 50 kills when i want to farm for something...
You can combo the two-handed light attack into the weapon art. Put Carthus Rouge on it and hit for about 1k damage or more + the bleed proc in a single combo. Great weapon.


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...this thing seems really mean. Its got a great moveset that's like a weird hybrid of a great hammer and a Zweihander with good range and of course bleed.

Its drop rate is incredibly stubborn though I will agree with that.
Really nice Moveset especially the rolling R1 Spin is useful in both pve and pvp. You can use its Special attack without having FP even if it does less DMG its still worth because you can chain it up with the R2.
Since in invasions you have halved estus flasks, this weapon really shines in invasions. With +10 and a Carthus Rouge, this weapon can easly burst the host with the R1-L2-R2 combo. Just be sure you have enough stamina to perform the entire combo. Have fun!
Anyone stacking Luck for bleed builds, or is a waste?
PvE, Strength / Luck build shines because things stand around long enough with large amounts of health to hit bleed out. In PvP, you're better off sticking with a pure strength build with a heavy infused spiked mace. Even at 40Str/40Lck you won't hit bleed out in PvP from your R1>L2>R2 combo without a carthus rogue.
Would not advise using this weapon for a Luck bleed build in PvP or even PvE for that matter as the bleed will just not proc enough to make it worth it. And in PvP your opponent will die from the standard attacks before the bleed can even proc. Bleed builds are better suited to fast hitting weapons like Onikiri and Ubadachi or Warden's Twinblades. Heavy weapons like this just don't bleed fast enough to make it worth it. Much better to infuse Heavy and do a strength build, or a strength/faith build and buff it with Darkmoon Blade/Lightning Blade. It's R1 L2 R2 combo will insta kill almost anyone.
I'm currently doing a strength/luck build with this is my main. I cant recall my stats off the top of my head (I'm at work right now) but I know I have 40 str and 30 luck. With a Heavy infused Spiked Mace+9 and carthous rouge, I can bleed in about 4-5 hits and put out about 1100 damage. In my opinion, it is definitely worth it!