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Watch the weapon in action. Skip to about 16:20 :

If the attack is any indication, I'm certain this weapon also scales from Faith. It wouldn't surprise me if it's innately Blessed infused
surely with 30 Faith requirement it scales with Faith as well as Strength. At least I hope so because the weapon looks f*cking badass for a mighty Strength/Faith build.
Please tell me it scales with Faith as well as Strength. That would be siiiiiiiiick.
The weapon itself does not scale with faith, but I'm pretty sure the special attack does. Not that it really matters, the damage output is still insane. I currently have it at +3 and it's base attack is 280ish with C str scaling. At + 5, this thing is going to be a monster. Oh, and the WotG special already does over 500 on normal enemies.
It's a monster on my 50/50 STR/FTH build. One-shots mages in PvP with the weapon art.
Rings dont add more damage to the special attack. So i dont think it scales with faith.


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Did some number crunching and assuming you go for the exact same stats in your final build regardless of starting class it is exactly the same. The example I had for my "test build", taking into account you have prisoner's chain equipped:

vig - 20
end - 30
vit - 25
str - 45
fth - 30

Cleric will be SL 103 but Warrior will be SL 95. Notice how there is an 8 SL difference between them and that the only exemption to this is if you put those 8 into attunement. After that they balance out in the end. So in the short game if you want the weapon asap or are weapon purist go warrior. This gives you 8 points to put elsewhere if you don't want to use any miracles, though you will probably want some in the final build
Both assume no attunement, by the way.
IMO the Knight is a better choice for this build.

Vig - 40
End - 30
Vit - 20
Str - 45 (Knight's Ring +5 Str)
Fth - 30

With these stats your knight and warrior are both gonna be at soul lvl 114. The reason I feel the knight is the better choice, is the higher starting dex (12) vs warrior's higher luck (11). You have 6 SL to spare before you hit the ideal SL120 sweet spot and slapping just one point or more into dex for knight will open up a hand full of weapons to use so you have more options other than just Morne's Hammer or the few weapons with no dex requirement. Other options would be to invest into attunement for more FP and spell slots, or 5 points into strength and open up a ring slot.
Definitive anti-gank weaponry.
I did some testing with the +str and +faith ring, and it looks like there is absolutely no scaling in faith whatsoever, even with the weapon art (I made sure the magic portion dealt the damage, not just the initial hit too).

That being said, this weapon is an absolute beast and I'm really enjoying the free, super-quick super-poised wrath of god weapon art when paired with a Simple offhand (I two-hand the hammer and use an plank shield because Fashion Souls). Better enjoy it while you guys can before they patch the "1 FP still performs weapon art" exploit!


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Definitely the best great hammer for endgame build due to its utility and strength. From my testing miracle boosting rings have no effect on its WoG move and it seems to only scale from the AR. Its definitely OP for sure and joins the Farron Greatsword with OP L2 moves.
Does anyone know if the 2h R1 on this can be parried?
From my experience, i've had people try to parry the hammer and it goes straight through but makes the parry sound.
Morne's great hammer is on the quick select list at the bottom of the badge when viewing bosses.