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By Anonymous
For all you crying for pyromancy: its a f king profaned flame! Deacons use it and they are miracle casters/sorcerers, Pontiff uses it and he's a sorcerer, even profaned flame pyromancy requires only inteligence to cast, just like every sorcery. Plus before pyromancy existed, witches of Izalith were using catalysts to cast flame sorceries.

Lore aside, isnt it good that sorcerers have something that doesnt do magic damage in case someone is super resistant to it?
By Anonymous
These mofo’s really made an entire stick of fire unable to cast pyromancies, smh my head
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
If you aim for these stats in dex and str you can pretty much use most of the other int weapons(crescent sword,moonlight greatsword,aquamarine dagger,friede scythe,crystal/simple infused astora greatsword,infused LKS,judgement greatsword,etc) and still have really good DMG considering the ones i mentioned only lose 30-50 AR for not reaching their dex softcap
By Anonymous
Don't get me wrong, I always love another sorcery catalyst, but wouldn't it make more sense for this to be a pyromancy catalyst? Considering the enemies who utilize this solely use fire based attacks?
By Anonymous
It’s important to remember that the Profaned Flame isn’t like other pyromancies. The spell is cast using only intelligence, suggesting that it is unnatural and has been tampered with (hence, profane). Whatever these witches are doing, it’s closer to sorcery.
By Anonymous
I always thought it was because the fire witches are doing fire sorceries (which are different from Pyromancies), based on the profane flame. You as a **** human, can only do soul/dark sorceries.
By Anonymous
You are both correct but this brings up the the real question, why is the spell "profaned flame" a pyromancy? Do you need to already have a flame of some sort to draw on the profaned flanes power? Because by all measures of how enemies use it in the game and the lore around it, it would make far more sense as a special sorcery than a pyromancy
By MaDudeek
Does offhand L2 cast or weapon art?
By Anonymous
Torch but stronger. Exceptionally good at traversing through dark interiors of Irithyll and mow down legions of weak irithyllian slaves.
By Anonymous
This is quite the counter to crucifix of the mad king. Yes, the latter has poise and is buffable, but with this one being half-catalyst, spacing is your game. Besides, strafing won't do against the weapon art.
By Anonymous
The fire effect give anyone else massive headaches?
By Anonymous
Everybody here talking about farron flashsword and no one seems to realize that with a sorcery catalyst that deals fire damage you can freeze an opponent with frozen weapon or flash freeze and hit them with this in order to immediately unfreeze them, letting you freeze them again for more damage.
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