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By Anonymous
this **** sucks in PvE and PvP, don't even bother. Witch Ring + Swamp Ring is all you need
By Anonymous
Is this ring supposed to be a reference to LotR? You can find it above a chasm and a hollow in front of the ring, holding it's head, undecided wheter it should throw the ring in the chasm or not.
By Anonymous
Interesting thought, but a little far fetched.
By Anonymous
It's kind of odd to see you call this a far-fetched thought when there have been some really,really strange made up lore for the dark souls games in general. Our community is a really amazing one in quite a few ways
By Anonymous
The decrease in damage absorption isn't all that bad. Tested this with an enemy outside the cleansing chapel. With the ring on I took 149 damage, while taking the ring off I took 139 damage, from the same attack of course. The increase in damage you deal to enemies is definitely worth the small increase in damage taken. This test was done with the Mirrah set on, 773 HP and no defense improving rings of any sort.
By Anonymous
Just hope you never have to fight another player since your upsides are reduced GREATLY and you downsides are increased just as proportionately.
By CryptKiNg76
Does it increase damage for a fire weapon that doesn’t have fire scaling?
Ex: Firelink Greatsword
By Anonymous
It increases fire damage directly, not the scaling of fire damage. So yes, it's applied to any fire damage you deal.