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I tried summoning him, he is a lot stronger and can one shot me even at 20 VIT and ofc Cinder form.. i did defeat but got nothing except a few souls : /
Same, he did not drop anything for me, i had to let the crabs handle him he one shots me even at 28 vit
Yeah he hits like a truck. I just did him on NG+, with 27 vigor, 38 vitality, embered, and havels set, his riposte 1 shots me from full hp.
Seem to die if you fight the boss without talking to him through the cage road.
Crushed by falling debris maybe?
I talked to him and joined the covenant, but I found him dead on the floor next to the bonfire after the boss fight anyway. Went back later and no corpse. Pretty strange
I cant acess the cage on the enemy with the saws back, i walk slowly up behind him and he wont let me within 5 steps of him, what am i doing wrong?
you can't kill the rotted greatwood first
Go around back of the houses near him and you will see a caged enemy, do not attack him, talk to him and deplete his dialog the go jump in the cage
Not sure why, but after entering the cage he says " i knew you were hollow" and attacks me. I did beat him first try when he invades near the bonfire beforehand, but after searching i cant find any info on if that matters
The only other thing i did was kill the caged hollow with the saw who takes you, the first time i came across him. Found entered out what that mob does afterward and entered cage after bonfife reset. Anyway, absolving sins fixed the problem.
Did you get the free level from yoel? If so, you're hollow.
Nope, been avoiding beef jerkiness, thougj i have to eventually, being a completionist and all. Didnt kill greatwood either.
"I think its because i killed the caged hollow"
the one standing behind the building? i killed him too. after that i hopped in the cage and teleported to the pit and he wasn't hostile for me. talked to him, killed him, and homeward boned out
That's very strange. I had started the Yoel questline when I met and defeated his Settlement invasion, then I found out about the Cage Manservant that leads you to the Pit of Hollows, I believe I met this version of Hodrick after gaining 2 levels from Yoel, definitely had a 2 or 4 on Hollowing stat. He was friendly and went through dialogue so I could join the Mound-Makers. Did you have any levels in Hollowing? Or anything else? It's interesting to see what would cause him to be hostile considering I'd fought his phantom without it being an issue.
I think its because i killed the caged hollow that speaks to you or we, it doesnt seem to respond. Im going to try to absolve sins, and see if thag makes him non hostile
I have not even seen Hodrick and I killed the boss.
I did read it all... No one mentioned if there was still a way to make him show up in the Undead Settlement tho. I assume there is not b/c I killed the boss. Thanks.
before the boss he appears as an npc underneath the boss area, you could~ fight him but is is an excelent foe and uses supportive pyromancies in combination with a flamberg and a parry shield (which is uses for that).
read all wiki please... get 3 of 4 Lords of Cinder souls and then go Tree-boss fogwall and there will be Sirris summon sign (boss if killed ofcourse) help her and then on the corpse of Hoddrick you will find loot
Is there a way I can make him appear now? Is there any point in doing so?
By the Cruxifiction Woods bonfire, you can only summon him ONCE to fight. If he beats you, the sign disappears forever, even if you return Embered again.
This is not true, he killed me twice before I got him the third time. Each time though his sign didn't appear right away.
Thats not correct though. I've died 3 times to him after which I beat him. You do need to be with ember though.
Just ember, then rest at a bonfire, and it's there every time till you beat him or beat the boss of the area I believe.
If you check his shield, you could see it looks exactly like the one used by Lucatiel in Dark Souls 2, odd how we can't get it.
You can:
Does anyone know which sword he is wielding when you summon him in the crucifixion woods? I can't figure it out for the life of me.
its a Flamberge