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By Anonymous
RIght as he invaded me I was sitting down at the bonfire so it despawned him, and he never came back. RIP.
By Anonymous
What for a ***** this guy is as a mad phantom.
By Anonymous
i really like this guy as NPC, he seems so sympathetic to me
By Anonymous
If you have some trouble going against him in a pure melee fight, you may want to try a little cheese strategy.

From what I can tell:
In the beginning of the fight he really wants to cast the "Power Within" buff before going into a sort of second phase (healing orbs, etc.).
During the cast you can safely attack/backstab him for a large amount of damage, while also interrupting the cast.
As long as you keep him from casting the buff successfully, he will attempt the cast over and over again, allowing for many cheap opportunities to attack him.
Keep in mind to not get too greedy while spamming attacks, as he is still very, very, very good at parrying.

Also, don't be afraid to parry him yourself.
He uses a fairly slow sword which is not too difficult to parry (even with a medium shield).
By Anonymous
He gets destroyed by whips.
By Anonymous
wait what the fuc I just killed you you invaded me as a phantom the fuc is going on i need a sit down
By Anonymous
First time I fought him with Sirris he parried and riposted me while she was casting Darkmoon blade. I survived, but as I was getting up he parried the sh!t out of Sirris and instakilled her. It was funny
By Anonymous
ng+ is when you can give back the parry god sensation to him: spam sacred flame until he is dead. parry this now if you can
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By Malikar
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Recommended mod for the modding community: give him hornet ring, his parries don't deal enough damage
By Anonymous
And give gundyr a +3 horsehoof
By Anonymous
Quest-wise is there any problems if I forgot to fight him at Crucifixion Woods?
By Anonymous
Nope, that's a completely skippable fight.
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