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By Anonymous
same style as ezios. Back when ac was good. They look sick!
By Anonymous
By D1sl3xicpanda
Fallen knight chest piece for the coat brotherman, gonna look badassss
By Anonymous
Is this weapon bugged? I seem to do more damage with single hand attacks than with two handed/Dual wield attacks. The weapon skill is also incredibly weak, though I suppose the AoE makes up for it somewhat. Anyone else have this problem? Only (intentional) reason I can think of for this is that the weapon was made to synergize with buffs/resins, applying it with each hit, so the base damage is reduced to below 50%.
By shitstain
The 3-strike combo during dual-wield seems less than a 3-strike combo with the single sword out. I'm guessing the strength of the weapon lies in its art perhaps? Or chaining the strong attack into the art, or the art into the strong attack? Still, it seems odd that the dual wield swings do less damage.
By Anonymous
If you keep upgrading it, at some point dual attack will become stronger. I've upgraded them to +6 and now dual light strike deals 30-60 more damage than single light attack.
By Doomraven047
I feel the same way, like this weapon is extra hard mode or something. Base damage is crap and the weapon art does less damage than a throwing knife. Still I like the look of the moveset, even if it does take hours to kill stuff.
By Anonymous
The weapon skill is nice when you follow up with a strong attack, helicopter blades. As for the Dual wielding, I think the 3rd strike does the brunt of the damage.
By Anonymous
After playing around with it a bit more, I can say that the weapon skill followed by a heavy attack is amazing when surrounded by enemies. I've killed 4 in one swing, once I upgraded it a bit. Basic attacks are still a bit weaker in dual form, so I started using a shield that allows right hand weapon arts, and only ever use that. It works great, but that shouldn'the be the best way to use that weapon. They need to buff the dual wield normal attacks.
By Anonymous
I have also noticed this. However, two-handed attacks seem to be increasing in damage with further weapon buff and stat increases (currently have a +6 variant and about 30 dex with sharp). What I really need to test is the effect it has on damaging guards/staggering relative to one-handed attacks, or whether it counts as "two" hits for the purpose of weapon damage buff skills which require multiple hits. If it has benefits other than doing more damage, it still could be worth using as an attack. Plus the R2 heavy attack is actually fun to use from time to time when it has good damage.
By Anonymous
I totally agree to this. There should be some sort of "pro" using paired weapons and so far I'm not impressed. Upgrading it does not make the dual wielding part any stronger than one handing the weapon.
By Anonymous
I think they fixed that today with the 1.06 update
By popcar2
I think that it dual wielding scales with dex better than one hand. Most people report dual wielding being stronger later in the game... Needs further testing.
By Maliginis
Definitely works better with a shield in the beginning of the game.
By Anonymous
I have started DS3 as a mercenary with this weapon. So far when I use just one sword it does more damage. Let me be clear. If I am holding one sword in one hand and one in the other (dual wielding) it does more damage to do a quick attack with my right sword then to do a quick attack with both swords using left quick attack. Why is this ? Furthermore my focus move does less damage than either of these options. What am I missing?
By Anonymous
Focus weapon art is only useful if you chain it into an R2. This uses more focus, but sweeps your swords in a circle around you and does pretty good damage. Honestly it isnt that powerful in terms of straight damage, but it wrecks shields, and since it hits in a 360 around you, turns you into a beyblade that makes you practically invulnerable since no one can get close to you during your spin.
By Anonymous
I finished the game 2 times now via Sellswords alone. +10 with Sharp Gem transitioned into Refined (after reaching 40 STR and having 40 DEX) these *****ing beasts are insane for what they do and no... the normal single handed attack deals less damage however what's to note is that it's a bit faster and more "accurate" due to the angle. The reason you think the dual-wielding attack is weaker is because you're not connecting BOTH hits. This weapon hits TWICE with every single combo in it's dual-wield form. In other words you're using it wrong and so have a lot of people that keep complaining about every dual wielding weapon(omg the normal one handed attack deals more damage! when really you're just a pleb who can't see the fact you hit twice and in the case of the sellswords the first hit of the duo hit has lower reach than normal which means you should be a little bit closer as in 1 step closer)
By Anonymous
to do decent damage with the focus move you need to use the weapon art then immediately follow up with a heavy attack that will drain more FP and do much better damage
By Anonymous
This changes as you level the weapon up and infuse it. I'm using a +8 Sharp Sellsword Twinblade at the moment and the L1 attack when two-swording does significantly more damage. ESPECIALLY if you you're using the Pontiff's Right Eye. The twinblades also build poson/bleed very quickly.
By Anonymous
#15754443 no need to be a ***** about it, and that's because you upgraded it, when you first use it it does less damage but more after you upgraded it, any * can tell if them connect with two hits or not.
By Anonymous
these swords get pretty ***** strong around +5 and up. at first i was disappointed when i chose to be a merc but once i got the + up and put Sharp on em, these things became pretty ***** good.
By Anonymous
They're even better now that the dual wielding has been patched for them. LT/L1 not weaker than the RT/R1 now
By Anonymous
Where and which enemies drop the weapon?
By Anonymous
Or choose mercenary in character creation
By Anonymous
I think no enemy drops it, you find it in the Crucifixion Woods, after the black knight where you get the farron coal
By Anonymous
Is this sword better than warden twinblades? Why?
By Anonymous
best, probably not decent... sure. It will hit for more than warden's, due to base damage and better scaling. Wardens have more interesting moveset.
By Anonymous
These, imo are basically the non bleed version of Warden's. If you use them with a dex/faith build sharp infused w/ darkmoon or lightning blade they *****ing decimate. If you like the moveset of Warden's, but don't want to be a Luck Quality build, these are a very good alternative. No bleed, but buffing them with crystal magic weapon, darkmoon blade or lightning blade, they *****ing shred just as hard, if not harder. Plus you don't have to worry about someone getting lucky or flat out knowing how to i-frame the bleed proc. Which if you don't know what that is, you can actually use rolling i-frames as the bleed procs to not take the bleed out damage. With Sellsword's buffed, there's no chance of that happening.
By Anonymous
Dunno.Deals less damage when dual wielding and according to one post, its the only 2handed weapon that does this.
By Anonymous
When I equip a dual wield weapon, it will only equip it in my right hand but not the I just dumb or how do I fix this?
By Anonymous
Two hand it(triangle on ps4, Y on xbox controller)
By Anonymous
You are a little dumb... to dual wield just press triangle on playstation or Y on Xbox
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