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By Anonymous
ahh my beloved
By Anonymous
So um, my Chaos Sellsword Twinblades +7 have E/C/B/B scaling, not E/C/C/C as the chart says. (game version 1.15)
By Anonymous
The one set of curved swords that escaped nerfs
By Anonymous
scimitar and gru's too
By Anonymous
Just killed Nameless King with this weapon. Dark infused + two handed deals an enormous amount of damage in a quick span of time. It's definitely the Meltsword Winblades for PvE. It's even better when infused with a Sharp Gem to scale with DEX...

Sucks for PvP tho. Easy to parry and predictable.
By Anonymous
Nah it's actually a pretty decent PVP weapon for pressuring your opponent, as running and rolling attacks are very good and L1 combos do a lot of damage. But if you're playing by a few patterns or just overly defensively, yes, this thing is not for you and it's pretty possible to reaction-parry it.
By Anonymous
WA is unparryable, stop spamming L1 cheeser
By Anonymous
Question: People say that straight swords in general are OP, but the in speed runs that I have seen, runners always go for sharp SSTB. Do these blades just have more DPS or is it more a routing thing for speed runs?
By Anonymous
SSTB it's the most op sword them u can start the game, just don't make sense to a speed runner use anything else
By Anonymous
Straight Swords are very easy to use, however, the Twinblades can be started with, deal more damage in less time, and have more value when buffed.
By Anonymous
does the kick replacement have iframes?
By Anonymous
No, but it have insane hyperarmor.
By Anonymous
stupid question, it's better this or the warden twinblades? i'm doing a pure dex build so i wanna go sharp
By Anonymous
Always sellswords for pure damage. Wardens are situationap with bleed aux but for everything else, sellswords will always outperform wardens.
By Anonymous
Like the other reply said, unless you're gonna leverage the warden's bleed, go with sellsword's
By Anonymous
go with sellswords for everything except bosses and enemies that are ridiculously weak to bleed; go with wardens for those
By Anonymous
Just started a new run yesterday with the twin
blades and ZOO WEE MAMA are these things savage!
By Anonymous
Sellsword twinblades? more like "SELLSWORD OPBLADES"
By Anonymous
Game Journalist weapon.
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