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By Anonymous
The damage is not as good as the Lothric knight greatsword or Greatsword. However, arguably two most useful physical damage types strike and thrust and horizontal two handed R1, poke R2 and rolling R1 being a sweep makes this weapon a very versatile weapon for STR build. Also, it is relatively lighter.
By Anonymous
Absolutely adore this beautiful weapon, please Michael Zaki bring it back in Elden Ring
By Anonymous
Now that i know it deals strike damage, i wish i had one when i was in Carthus :/
By Anonymous
For the catacombs the Great Mace is better thanks to perseverance. Gets even better with a blessed gem on it.
By RapingIsCaring
Blessed Cathedral Knight Greatsword plus 70 faith and 40/40 Str/Dex makes the catacombs a cake walk even on NG7.
By Anonymous
Why is nobody talking about how good this thing looks?
By Anonymous
Because it comes without saying.
By Anonymous
Beauty is within the eye of the beholder, the beholders are all of us.
By Anonymous
This thing on the right set up will collected so many tongues in irythyll. Folks just can’t handle the poise of you get it done the right way at +6..
By Anonymous
God i love this weapon so much, it may not have the highest damage but the moveset and strike damage are lovable
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