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By Anonymous
Shoutout to ludwigs holy blade? Its a "cathedral sword" and appears to have a similar design.
By Anonymous
Ludwig's Holy Blade was essentially just a prototype/replica Moonlight Greatsword I think.
By Anonymous
i believe its actually a reference to guts (black swordman arc) swordfrom berserk
By Anonymous
Its not a berserk reference. I bet you also think that Miyazaki made the entire game too, and not his team of orogrammers.
By Anonymous
It's odd that the regular greatsword is better at max upgrade compared to this greatsword. Has higher base dmg and better overall scaling.
By Anonymous
I see now. The greatsword is 5 stones heavier, which is a big difference.
By Anonymous
It also has strike damage which i believe does hetter against heavy armored enemies
By Anonymous
In every Souls Game there is a sword with a clear reference to the manga Berserk. This is definitely the one.
By Anonymous
Big swords arent just a berserk reference. Stop looking for things that arent there
By Anonymous
the executioner set is a major reference to the anime
By Anonymous
the moveset is similar to what guts moves like in some chapters when swinging his sword
By Anonymous
No it's not. Not every greatsword is a reference to Beserk. Don't be a moron.
By Anonymous
Actually the poster is correct except is sword choice is wrong. The sword simply called Greatsword is based on Guts sword from Berserk. This is fact as Miyazaki has said himself.
By Anonymous
Yeah this sword is Guts' sword. It's even blunt for pete's sake haha.
By Anonymous
Compared to the Greatsword, the Cathedral Knight Greatsword does indeed have lower base damage, and is only really better "Normal" or "Refined" using a high STR/DEX build. The Cathedral Knight Greatsword does well with the "Heavy" infusion, giving it "A" rank STR scaling vs the Greatswords "B" rating. Also, the Cathedral Knight Greatsword is 5 weight less than the Greatsword, making it great for STR builds. The base damage with a Heavy infusion is still lower, but the A rating of the Cathedral will surpass damage of the normal greatsword with Heavy infusion. With a STR/DEX build (40/40 let's say) the Greatsword will probably do more damage with Normal or Refined infusion than the Cathedral's though. In the end, as with pretty much every weapon, it really comes down to your build as to which one is more beneficial. For me and my high STR, lower DEX build, I'll be using the Cathedrals so I can pump more points into endurance for more face smashing combo hits while retaining the ability to dodge as often as needed. :) Hope this helps clarify your confusion!
By Anonymous
Thanks for the insight.
By Anonymous
Also it deals strike damage, which most armors are weakest against.
By Anonymous
at +29 endurance you can get you gain that extra swing of the sword 4x. before your stamina flat-lines.
By Anonymous
That extra stamina might be the difference between dying or rolling. I think I might use this info for my strength build :).
By Anonymous
Two handed R2 is a long, charging thrust that does insane damage. Followup is a vertical smash that can catch people who want to attack if you miss the thrust, or a very good choice to finish off people after they wake up.
By Anonymous
This is probably the best looking ultra greatswords to be honest, it also kind of looks like Dragonslayer from Berserk. ***** that this wasn't the regular Greatsword you find in the swamp, the model is soooooooooooooooooo good looking (:
By Anonymous
So I'm getting better dmg on a refined Infusion vs a heavy infusion despite having 40 str/30 Dex. What
By Anonymous
Because of your 30 DEX which only counts for refined, as Heavy removed DEX scaling
By Anonymous
That's because you have too much dex and too little str for a heavy build?
By Anonymous
Reference to guts (Berserk) Anyone?
By Anonymous
Is your reference to berserk a reference to berserk? Stop
By Fiddlesticks
But it is a reference to Guts as plenty of Dark Souls is. Creator of the game was a big fan of Berserk. However the classic GreatSword Weapon fits the extreme length of Guts blade better. I wish that sword had the launching move to throw enemies. It could do that, and had more damage back in dark souls 2, but I guess lore wise it just got rustier as years and balancing went by. Age... OTL, why?!
By Anonymous
Giant swords aren't exactly new to souls...
By Anonymous
got rustier? The Greatsword in this game is pristine as can be, while DS2 is was about to *****ing crack in half, so why is it so *****ty?
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