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Making a Knight Slayer build with Str and End being the main focus. So far it's going well, just a little worried about end game and dlc due to lower AR.
Farming it from the Deacons bonfire is really easy if you have some item discovery. With the base item discovery of Warrior it took me 20 attempts until i used a Rusted Coin, then I found it at the first attempt.
Even with full loot drop kit the droprate is still abysmal as with many of these farmable weapons. I've farmed for all the bits of the Cathedral Knight set a few times and most often they drop armor pieces if anything of their full kit, you just got lucky.


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Can also be farmed from the Bonfire after the Consumed King is defeated. There's 2 of them, nothing else in your way and you get to approach them from behind. I had to farm one for Dragonslayer Armor fight. Great Moveset, works well on nearly all Heavy Armor excluding Exile Armor.
Those two move like john cena btw
Does much better than the AR would have you believe. Lighter and more stabby than the great mace, and still does strike damage. I personally like to use both interchangeably because the combos will shred face in pvp
Also known as the over sized Dark Sword which isn’t despised in PvP
Dark sword is nerfed, nobody minds it now really.
If the Souls community come to hate something they will never revert, nerfs do not change this.
Drop rate?
Is is not a guaranteed drop its drop rate is about mid-rare
Took me about 60ntires with rusted coins. It's pretty low but luck could be on your side
I got it fairly quickly while also having the Crystal Sages Rapier equipped.
Giant dank sword
Strike your opponent then stab them.
I was surprised to find out that this weapon is an EARLY GAME WEAPON out damages the lothric knight greatsword for physical damage.
The LKGS is still superior for his innate lightning damage. My STR character deals more damage with the LKGS than this weapon.
Could the first r2 poke combi with the next 2 r1s? Seems to swing fast enough for that
Idk, but it should be noted that 1 R1 with a follow up of a fully charged R2 is considered a true combo
Not fully charged r2