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It should be noted that this weapon with 60str, a +10 heavy infuse 2 handed has 600 AR, compared to a Zweihander's 586 with the same stat spread, but with 5 more weight. The difference here is that the CKGS deals strike damage, which varies from on average %6 - %11 more damage in pvp due to absorption. With 15 faith applying Blessed Weapon that makes the total raw damage 645 for the CKGS and 630 AR for the Zwei. On paper, not worth the 5 extra weight... The difference aside the vastly different but still good moveset is that extra ~8% more damage dealt in pvp due to the strike damage type over the standard damage of the zwei, where the zwei would deal the same damage in a 1:1 comparison as the CKGS if you had an extra ~70 AR. This IMO does make up for the fact the Cathedral Knight GS has 5 more weight, where that extra ~7 vit basically contributes to ~70 more psuedo AR. With any other infusions (dark, refined, lightning, sharp, etc...) I would recommend using other Great Swords as it doesn't scale as well outside heavy. It should be treated as a long range axe with a GS moveset. Zwei still wins in terms of style points, but supposedly there are some very interesting true combo's that can be pulled off that other GS cannot do (such as 2h R1 + R2) due to the strike damage changing the recovery times on players. It may be possible to pull off 2h R1 into weapon swaps or jumping R2's as well for other combos that would further boost the CKGS actual damage output. Would recommend in any SL bracket from 60+6 to125+10 for science. [Apologies for comments removing paragraph breaks, -MwH]
Making a Knight Slayer build with Str and End being the main focus. So far it's going well, just a little worried about end game and dlc due to lower AR.
Farming it from the Deacons bonfire is really easy if you have some item discovery. With the base item discovery of Warrior it took me 20 attempts until i used a Rusted Coin, then I found it at the first attempt.
Even with full loot drop kit the droprate is still abysmal as with many of these farmable weapons. I've farmed for all the bits of the Cathedral Knight set a few times and most often they drop armor pieces if anything of their full kit, you just got lucky.


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Can also be farmed from the Bonfire after the Consumed King is defeated. There's 2 of them, nothing else in your way and you get to approach them from behind. I had to farm one for Dragonslayer Armor fight. Great Moveset, works well on nearly all Heavy Armor excluding Exile Armor.
Those two move like john cena btw
Does much better than the AR would have you believe. Lighter and more stabby than the great mace, and still does strike damage. I personally like to use both interchangeably because the combos will shred face in pvp
Also known as the over sized Dark Sword which isn’t despised in PvP