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if you use the buff of an axe, does the damage addition work on the offhand weapon?
picked this up after killing the mimic, now I'm not an axe guy (I was playing Herald) but man this weapon rocks. It made most of the grunts 1 hit kills and stunned knights. Pretty badass weapon, highly recommend for starting areas.
Its a very good weapon as it keeps staggering a lot of enemies ( even bosses). the speed and reach of this weapon is very good.
Warcry > into Strong attack mostly destroys enemys blocks even in PvP.
this is not the deep battle axe you find on the mimic
hold on I need to say this "these are not the droids you're looking for..."
Except that the one dropping from the mimic is just a battle axe already infused with dark damage (deep)
This is the best early PVP weapon - 3-4 strikes take the shield out
What should I do with infusion
depending on your build. try refined though
Anyone have more info on the pros and cons of each? There is quite a lack of info as of right now (in terms of upgrade stats and scalings).
The battle axe has a little bit better damage, but the brigand axe is lighter
If you are "lucky" to get helm from that mimic, then this axe will be replaced by the helm and won't drop.
If it happens to you, just quit and reload and the drop will be there.
Confirmed, I got both. Use loyds talisman and I noticed the droprate for the helm increases.
No, should the Mimic drop the head, both can be acquired.
Actually you'll get both. The first drop will be the Symbol of Avarice, then a drop directly beneath the first one will be the axe. If it's -not- there, reload and it will be.
noob detector goes over 9000!
For any build not scaling Strength/Dexterity this is one of the best early game weapons!
Get it from the mimic at Lothirc High Wall already infuesed with deep gem and reinforce to +3 and it'll pretty much get you through the first half of the game (upgrade it when needed)
I am still using this from time to time with my lvl 80+ mage/warrior, but at this lvl i've moved to using a Brigand Axe with Chaos Gem infusion as it then scales off my little Strength/Dex and my high Intelligence as well as fire, while keeping the basic axe swings i've grown to love.

- Milton.
Prefer Astoras sword at Raw infusion as a deprived. Mainly because it can be buffed higher then this and gets more swings at a faster speed.