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I understand what they're trying to go for but...that dorky hat is HILARIOUS...I can't wait to run around naked with just the hat on it's gonna be great
Wear the hat with the Archdeacon robe to look like a pimp.
It seems like pilgrims and clerics wore those shells on their back to stop the pus of man from bursting out of their back/entering their back.
That hat is really REALLY ugly, but so are 90% of the hats in DS3 anyway
Would be one of my favorite armor if not that ugly shell.(
I preferred my Dark Souls 1 cleric set(or the female version at least...), but only due to the color-tone fighting a gritty game. To me, this is too colorful(along with the Xan set...).
Doesnt make any sense that you dont have the hat when you start the game as the cleric
It was the same way in dark souls 1 - you started with the full cleric set minus the hat. Was probably just a throwback to ds1.
if its in dark souls 2 i could get the bone fist i think there called and me ninja turtles