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Not that the chestplate isn't super sexy or anything, but that and the shoes are all I've been getting. I need the gloves to complete my dragon hunter look with Lorian's leggings and the Nameless king's chestpiece, but these bastards are really stubborn.
I have 3 helms 6 armors 7 leggings 8 shields 3 axes 2 swords but not
one damn gauntlet. I also noticed that they barely dropped anything until I was higher level like 60. Then if you use a coin o would say at least 50/50. So I'm convinced level item discovery and and some base drop % play a role
Love how the light works on this armor.
ew neck
How high is the dropchance of one of the items ?
I accidently killed Anri and went to farm the black knight in Farron keep: with The sage’s thrust sword( i forgot the name at the moment) and one rusty coin each time… i got the entire armor set plus shield and weapon, and 100000 souls to heal my sorry dark sigil……
its called the cristal sages rapier
This armor set looks pretty great, but I'm a little sad that it doesn't come with a cape. Any good chest pieces with a cape that mix well with it?
Silver knight chest piece
Drang is pretty good
I've spent an entire hour farming the leggings and I still dont have them, wtf
PvP with a friend and ask him to trade stuff
I happen to have enough pairs of gloves to outfit an army, enough shields that they've become my main soul gain through sales, and enough chestplates to maybe finally make myself bulletproof, and yet I still have no helmet.
Boots look cool though
If you’re on PC, I got your helm, if you got me some legs
me too :(
This farm kicked my sweet little buttocks last night and I have duplicates of everything....minus the leggings. If anyone is wanting to trade a missing piece for legs, plz feel free to ask, if that brave soul doesn’t exist, then god help our bare crested legs.
I wish I had Gael's soul instead of the **** repeating crossbow.... i didnt realize i could get his greatsword....


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Just missing the main armor piece have external leg pieces if you play on a PS4 my PSN is "cicadaronin".
Farmed for 3 hours at farron keep only got the helmet
You need to boost your item recovery man.
That's weird I killed it my first 2 try's and got the black knight gauntlets the first and the great sword the second time.