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Might want to get this early, so do tell if anyone knows where it is.
I'm not sure exactly where to get it, but I've heard it's a random drop by black knights, along with their weapons and their shield.
Best guess will be NG+ now I'm not sure if its a NG+ one time or NG++ and higher.
There is a single Black Knight near the Farron Keep Outskirts bonfire. If you've cleared the keep, that bonfire gives a good spot for quick farming.

From Road of Sacrifice: when you head down the road and have woods on your left (toward Cathedral of the Deep) and swamp on your right (towards Farron Keep), head into the swamp and keep right. Eventually you will run into a small door into the keep, guarded by a nasty hollow with the giant cross on its back. After killing that guy, head into the small door and you'll see a (locked?) door on your right, which leads to the Outskirts bonfire. On the left is a short hallway to the Black Knight.

From Farron Keep Outskirts: it's a straight shot down the walkway from this bonfire. You'll end up passing by that freaky hollow dude I mentioned above. Just run back and forth farming the Black Knight; on NG I got his entire set after about an hour of farming.


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If you reach the great swamp (3 or 4 area of game) stick to the right side. You should get to a ruin or castle, walk left and you'll see him.
I dont know if he drops it in normal game or if you have to be NG+ or something
you have to beat jigga theaf thunder god


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Compared all three and made the best of all of them:
I have been farming the guy at farron for 3 hours and I have almost 3 peices of every thing except the armor and helmet...
I spent about 5 hours. I was beginning to think it was impossible to get the helm but I just got it
The easiest way to get the full set is to overdamage on the final shot. The critical hit improves your chances of getting a drop by a huge margin, so either parry him or backstab him as the final hit. It helps a LOT. I actually farmed this set myself last night :P
I guess to keep you from easily pretending to be the Monty python black knight
Took me 5 hours...
The ***** leggings just wouldn't spawn, I leterally had every piece three times before I got the ***** leggings
Yeah, I hate how they still make us grind for rare *****. I probably killed him about 30 times and got the legs, helmet, sword and two shields.
I have been farming the Farron Keep Knight for hours and only got 2 shields and 2 helmets (11 Luck).
Then I was Lucky and got Symbol of Avarice from the first mimic on the High wall of Lothric.
With this item I was able to get the other Parts and the Sword pretty fast.
So my tipp is do farm mimics with gold coins first
mind giving me one of your helmets?
You can't farm mimics you dunce, they only spawn once.
Dose this set have a bonus if you have full set with weapon an shield? Or is it just individual set for different status. Like sword may have bonus like (stance to brake shield block).
Why do people buy dark souls 3 before playing the first one. It's like watching the third lord of the rings movie before watching any of the ones before.
Set bonuses do not exist in the souls games, this is not terraria.
no set has ever gained a bonus get gud
There's four black knights not three
there are 4 knight there, not three. please correct entry.