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By Anonymous
The way the enemy walks, the lantern, the slow moving, this enemy in my opinion is pretty creepy and eerie.
By Anonymous
There comes a point where I have maybe 10hp due to these things. Maybe I'm being a little salty, but these things are absolutely ridiculous. And what's more, my health doesnt return to its original capacity until maybe 30 seconds after even being in the prescence of one. Is there something I'm missing? Some armor, ring, or item that can lessen or nullify this 'status effect'?
By Anonymous
They're terrible. I'm dealing with them now and trying to find some kind of information that answers the questions you're asking as I feel the exact same way. Barring some kind of item that either lessens or negates the HP loss, these are the cheapest enemies in the series and make Frenzy from Bloodborne look like a stroll through the park on a sunny day.
By Anonymous
You think that's hard? There's a certain part where there's 6 of the *****ers circling a pillar, you need to have a ranged weapon and draw them out 1 at a time, 2 if you feel brave or stupid, and work your way through by nuking them down, waiting, nuking another down, waiting, ect, ect..
By Anonymous
What this article doesn't say is that you have to break *their* line of sight to stop the draining effect. Engage them one by one, pull with a ranged weapon, then turn a corner. As soon as it shows up, roll behind it and kill it before it can do anything if stamina allows. If not keep just enough for another roll when they turn back to face you.
By Anonymous
Unspeakable rage
By Anonymous
oh look, more artificual difficulty!
By Anonymous
No, just git gud
By Anonymous
Seriously, From? Of all the things from Bloodborne, you take the most annoying enemy in the entire game AND make them even more annoying than their counterpart?
By Anonymous
Man there are areas with like 10 of these things in the room, there's nothing even remotely fun about these things, just hatred.
By Anonymous
Its a huge problem with them sometimes 1 missed hit or stamina runs out of combo whilst the got red light you die like nab... I lost 98k souls in this stupid dungeon...
By Anonymous
Here's a tip, use the wear the Sun princess ring to restore health, also roll behind them when they attack, they have super slow attacks but they do lots of damage. the health drain is based on vision, when there are large groups use a bow to distract them and run by. shoot near them to cause them to look at where you shot.
By Anonymous
Needs confirmation that the Jailers laugh resembles the happy mask salesman from Majora's mask.Am i the only one who hears it?
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