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By Anonymous
these guys are kinda strange when it comes to stuns...
i did a PGS weaponart in one of these and it just barely flinched, but others were sent flying by a regular attacks or even firebombs
By DemonsSoulsMaster
Absolute middle finger to ng faith builds. Even while using unfaltering prayer, they still break your poise with their irons, and poise is one of the most important parts of any faith build.
By Anonymous
Im gonna hate them once i get to jail for my SL1 run...
By Anonymous
This is inaccurate. The health drain does not rely on line of sight, and lasts as long as they are aggro'd.
By Anonymous
It totally DOES depend on the line of sight. Try to provoke one and then just hide behind a wall
By Anonymous
The 9 or 10 at the bottom of the dungeon is the ultimate middle finger from Miyazi. On top of that the ambush in the narrow hallway where the giant is at was very nice lmao

I love their designs but these ladies are up are there with Winter Lanterns as the most annoying Souls enemies hahaa
By Anonymous
This is the definition of **** enemy design. Their attacks have horrible cues. They just hold the brand and suddenly you get hit, there is no windup, no arm raising or any sign to show you when to dodge. So this isn't a skill based enemy, its a RNG based enemy. If you're lucky, you hit them before they magically hit you, if not, you die instantly.

This enemy would be fine if the game didn't have the most useless garbage poise system in any Souls game ever made. Dark Souls 1 had a perfect poise system, 2 was decent, it let you customize more, but DS3 took a big **** on poise, and consequently STR build players. You can tell the idiots at From were trolling when they put 10 of the ****ers in one big open room.
By Anonymous
No more stagger immunity when doing nothing ;(
By Anonymous
Whoever decided to put 10 of these at the end of the dungeon should be banned from designing games
By Anonymous
This is dark souls, not for milk drinkers, stop crying and git gud
By Anonymous
"This is dark souls, not for milk drinkers, stop crying and git gud"
are you actually serious?
By Anonymous
Of course we are serious, lol, either run pass them or kill them 1 by 1, ez
By Anonymous
"ThIs Is DaRk SoUlS" stop being such an elitist, it's just a game.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Frenzy is stacking!
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By G555
Why not just design a creature that kill me in 1 hit. At least it make sense.
By Anonymous
Only if the lantern could be a weapon in the game, that would so much fun
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