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By Anonymous
27str. 2h softcap.
16 dex. Heavy infusion.
60 faith, yorshkas chime LB.
Gives you almost 900AR with minimum stats. You are only LBing during bosses and PvP anyways. R2 through the game. Even 1h while buffed with LB, use Hornets ring and go for crits. You will 1 shot any player.
By Anonymous
This may not be the best PVP weapon, but it is probably one of the most satisfying to use.
The weighty hits and the aweseome heavy attack are already nice enough, but nothing is as rewarding as landing the stomping launch.

If you haven't tried this one out, I really, really recommend you to do so.
Don't be afraid just because it is an UGS and may seem unwieldy at first.
Once you get the hang of baiting and hyperarmor play, you will love it as well.
By Anonymous
It has A scaling in dex if sharp infused 10+, not B
By Anonymous
Infused with blessed gem, str 66, faith 60, dex 50... no rings no buff
Has 797 ar.... crazy
By Anonymous
Why do you go 66 STR if you infuse it with a blessed gem?
By Anonymous
Heavy infusion does more damage than Sharp and Refined ones. 66 Strength and 699 AR when Two Handed, without buffs, 800+ with bundles, 747 with Resins.
By Anonymous
Sharp does more dmg actually, but at the cost of your masculinity. Definitely not worth it
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