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Can you get this sword before the second boss?
I killed the guy and gave her the ashes, but no great sword for sale


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Do any of the lothric Knights in the high wall of lothric carry it?
You have to sent him scavenging to get new items. I'm not sure if he sells this sword after his first or second outing, though. And the handmaiden only sells whatever someone had available at the moment you killed them, if you bring her their ashes. Example: kill an NPC selling spells without having given them any tomes and she'll only sell the handful they had; kill that NPC after you had given them all the tomes and the handmaiden will sell their updated assortment. So don't kill NPC before you max out their inventories. Anyway, you don't actually have to kill Greirat, since you can buy it directly from him.
Kill the Dancer boss. you can trigger him early if you kill the old lady who gives you the covernant banner and then you can get it from the lothric knight in upper Castle.
no. u can get this after u defeat dancer of valley
As far as I'm aware, only sword+shield and spear+ shield knights roam the high wall, not the ones with this sword.
Kill that guy you free from the cage and and give that item he drops to the handmaiden. She'll sell it.
Keep this one under wraps for as long as possible..insanely powerful and probably best moveset out of any UGS
it certainly has the stats and requirements of a UGS, bhut boy does it sure look and play like a regular greatsword. why exactly is this greatsword "ultra" ?
Just discovered i was watching the lothric knight SWORD, rather than GREATSWORD.. woops
It says I can buy it off maiden if i kill greirat and deliver his ashes? But when i started new playthrough i killed the first boss, then i rescued Greirat. Killed him, then delivered his ashes. But I cant buy it from her.

I could buy it on the character i completed the game with, but not on this character probably being to early in the game. Does anyone know how this works?
Greirat doesn't sell the sword until after he goes away to loot Irithyll. I would presume you have to wait till after this event to give his ashes to the handmaiden.
+1 it has 144 physical and 95 lightning.
+2 it has 157 physical and 104 lightning.
+3 it has 170 physical and 113 lightning - Dexterity scaling moves from a D to C.
+4 it has 183 physical and 121 lightning.
+5 it has 196 physical and 130 lightning.
+6 it has 209 physical and 139 lightning.
+7 it has 222 physical and 147 lightning - Strength scale doesn't change going to +8 ( D -> D isn't glowing blue anymore but dex still is)
+8 it has 235 physical and 156 lightning - Strength scale is glowing blue again going to +9 ( D -> D is glowing blue again just like +1 to +6)
+9 it has 248 physical and 165 lightning.
+10 it has 262 physical and 174 lightning. (still D strength scaling and C strength scaling)
+10 Blessed Lothric Greatsword 163 physical 113 lightning. D strength D dexterity B faith
blessed adds faith scaling to a weapons physical damage. it wont remove elemental damage that is on the weapon already. and the faith scaling added by blessed increases the lightning damage of the weapon as well making this a tremendously powerful blessed weapon (probably the highest AR in the game for blessed weapons)
Why would blessed be better than lighting enchant? It makes faith A
uh... it already has base lightning damage bro lol...
because lightning adds faith scaling to ONLY the lightning damage. blessed adds faith scaling for the lightning AND the physical. so 40 faith buffs lightning and physical damage with a blessed weapon. a lightning infusion will have a higher AR for sure but only because it does more lightning damage and WAY less physical.
Blessed adds phys not lightning
this weapon is too good... let's keep it as a secret


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Very good moveset, and very useful for pvp and pve purposes. In fact, I think it's a bit overpowered.

I expect some nerf in the near future :(


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I'm pretty sure they know about this weapon already xD

People will talk about this, I'm sure of it. This weapon is the strongest UGS by far.
I wouldn't say that any UGS can be "overpowered," especially with the amount of effort you have to actively put into playing to make use of its moveset. You know, as opposed to something like an Estoc or a Dark Sword, with it's mass R1/RB spamming.
as long as not a lot of people are talking about this weapon then From won't know :)
Add-on to the post above:

...That is, of course, unless a weapon can effectively one shot a boss or -- more reasonably -- another player. /Then/ it'd be extremely OP. :P
What would be the ideal infusion for this? Keep in mind I'm not using a faith build.
I would guess a Refined would get this thing going. 40/40 Quality Build. Maybe a Hollow Infusion could work too.