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I LOVE the design of this soul... That's a sentence I never thought I would ever write
so by their definition, linking the flame is the canonical correct ending

so why even bother to put the dark lord ending on DS1 and DS2 if they're not even considered cannon?
No, DS2 outright says even if your character chooses to leave, there will always be another to link the flame in your place. Your character isn't the only 'special" Undead facing challenges.
It doesn't matter if you choose to walk away from the fire, because eventually some other undead will reach the Kiln and link it.
What I think is an interesting point is that it seems to me that the hollowing wasn't what drove the chosen undead/bearer of the curse to link the flame, but their status as an unkindled. Was it that the curse never was a signification of the undead being the next Lord of cinder, but a coincidence, or maybe the dark sign makes the person aware of their unkindled status?

Worth a thought.
I'm pretty sure the Bearer in DS2 joins Aldia instead of linking it
Because the canonical endings suck. Dark Souls 3's gave me the chills though.
If either the chosen undead or the bearer of the curse (DS1 and DS2 protagonists respectively - the "unkindled" under the influence of the dark sign, making them hollow) link the flame, the age of fire CONTINUES for a time, and then starts to fade again (the undead in question becoming a Lord of Cinder in the process, adding to the power of the the soul of lords). Eventually a chosen undead/bearer of the curse will either fail in their pilgrimage or refuse to link the flame, starting he next age of darkness. There will however still be other unkindled (hollowed or otherwise) who will be drawn to the flame to continue the age of fire as the soul of light (Lord Gwyns soul and the initial fuel for the flame) and he dark soul (the soul of the furtive pigmy, so easily forgotten) always strive for balance. Either way, there will always either be a soul of light seeki to end the age of darkness or a shark soul seeking to end the age of fire, and someone will always succeed. At least that's my take on it.
They can be considered cannon but they are irrelevant because if you didn't link the flame in dark souls 1, another undead would eventually which is explained in dark souls 2 that no matter what you do the cycle won't be broken by walking away or linking the fire which is why the DLC ending of dark soul 2 has you leaving to find a different way and in dark souls 3 there are different choices to be made.
Its not the canonical ending, its the other people of other ages that linked the flame
Dark Souls 2 made it apparent that it doesn't matter that the flame is linked, there will always be more. There is no "Link The First Flame" in DkS2 eitherway for that reason. There are more than 2 generations of lords
After the battle, I immediately warped back to the firelink shrine to transpose this weapon. After the transposition the soul was gone, but I could not find the sword either. This killed NG+ for me (at least for now).
Same thing happened to me. :/
There's a bonfire within the soul. That's pretty dang crazy
Wish there was more weapons for this soul...
With no specific build, which is better damage wise?
It's not hard to answer this one. Is rank 3 larger than rank 2?
Since the Soul Of Cinder is a manifestation of all the ones that linked the fire, the soul should be worth a ton right? Gwyn's soul was worth 75000 souls after all. +25000 when used... Bull *****ing *****. Should be worth A LOT MORE
Gwyn's soul was worth 20,000..
to first reply: yeah but this is the manifestation of EVERY SINGLE PERSON to link the fire...should be worth at least 20,001 lol.
Game purposes, I imagine if lore accuracy was taken into account it would be worth billions...


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I mean, its kind of implied that souls degrade after long periods of time, so the "lot more" part of the soul count might just be souls that are so old/not strong enough and couldnt actually withstand the amount of time they were apart of the Soul of Cinder
so if this contains the souls of everyone who linked the fire than that means "The chosen undead" from DS1 and "Bearer of the Curse" from DS2 are in there right? (if they linked the fire of course)
If they linked the fire, yes.
Nope. The Bearer of the Curse didn't link the fire. He walked away from the Throne.
I think it would contain the soul of the chosen undead from dark souls to because they (usually) linked the flame in the throne of want. So technically if you played dark souls 2 and linked the fire, you would be fighting an aspect of yourself. Thoughts?
But what if you didn't link the fire? in Dark Souls 2 it continues that Solair link the fire (and became Saint of Heirs of the Sun), not the Chosen Undead.
I always thought dark souls 2 took place after an age of dark which dark souls 1 and 3 haven't experienced
It's a what-if question. Whether you linked the flame in DS2 or not, the existence of this soul assumes that you did. We go through so many NG cycles and time is a diluted construct in Soulsborne. So eventually even decades from now, you'd go back to play DS1 & 2 and choose the endings you didn't take, and the game's continuity is retroactively fixed in the future.


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i would have loved it if they put a thing in where if you had dark souls 1 or 2 on the same consel, then it would read the save date of your characters that linked the fire and the soul of cinder would have a form similar to what weapons you had equipped. sounds easier than it is but i would have greatly enjoyed fighting my miracle rapier build from DS 2