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By Anonymous
The Xanthous was from Oolacile??????? WTF!
By Anonymous
Seems more like they study magic from oolacile, than they derive from there.
By Anonymous
Anyone know where this is located?
By Anonymous
in the irithyll dungeon, the area with karla and the group of jailers.
By Anonymous
So it does not affect the FP consumption battle arts?
By Anonymous
No, the Farron Ring does that but without any HP loss
By Anonymous
No it does not, battle arts are Skills not Spells. For that you use Farron Ring which states: "Reduces Skill Fp consumption"
By Anonymous
Dusk Crown Ring now reads: "Reduces spell FP consumption, but also lowers HP"
By Anonymous
Location: Irithyll DungeonHow to get: Drop down to the lowest level of the prison, where there’s a dozen jailers with branding irons. Keep to the left and go all the way to the end. Open the cell with the two corpses – the ring is on the corpse near the wall, the other corpse got Xanthous ashes.Source: GOSUNOOB
By Anonymous
reduces 15 fp cost fire orb to 12 which is 20% not 25%. so every 5th fire orb is free instead of every 4th. What's even worse is that 25% reduction of 15 is 11.25 so it rounds up no matter what apparently. Considering how ***** magic is in the first place can we at least not get *****ed with its equipment as well?
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By Kwzprtt
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Another thing that doesn't work IG. One more in my list.
By Anonymous
Can ever get around to fixing magic in this game, this ring would be great for a pure caster.
By Anonymous
ring doesnt work lol...