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anyone know where this ring is exactly at?
Youtube watch?v=wtxjHw1HOTQ
Head to the bridge in the middle of the room, coming from the side you drop down onto it there is a lever right beside the start on the wooden bridge that will open a shortcut on the same floor of the bridge that leads to the smaller wax box you can dip your head in and the ring will be there in between on a dead corpse in a chair.
right beside the start of*
This doesn't seem to let you use weapons with requirements that you only meet while wearing this. It might be a glitch, the melee rings work this way.
Level located next to wooden bridge on top, between the bridge and bookcase. NOT AT THE START OF AREA!
Lever* kek
Add trivia, the wax head 'corpse' this is found on is snoring
I can't get Orbeck back to Firelink because getting to this ring requires a key that you can only get from killing bosses in areas that you can't get to because it would mean killing the Abyss Watchers, sending Orbeck away forever... GG, From

Also, you can't give him the scrolls at your first encounter apparently. No way around this I guess.
You don't have to kill the abyss watchers to get to the archives, you can kill the dancer early and get into lothric castle that way. The dancer can be fought even if you haven't killed all the lords of cinder.
He will disappear permanently from the game if you defeat Abyss Watchers or any four bosses AFTER RECRUITING HIM without giving him a single scroll for study.
The key to the Grand Archives door doesn’t appear until after you kill Aldrich and Yhorm, so yes, you have to kill the Abyss Watchers.
There are 2 spell scrolls in the swamp before the abyss watchers all you have to do is collect them and give them to orbeck and he will stay in Firelink
It would be good to know if the ring increases weapon buff damage if present at the time of buffing, or if the damage is calculated depending on your real-time intelligence. (this applies to the priestess ring as well)
i did some testing a long time ago - it's calculated when you cast the spell, not in real time. (tested with lightning blade btw, i didn't record the AR numbers however, but that's not the topic.)
anyone need this cus you need 1 point of intelegens but you have ran out of resets from rosaria ....its a pain
The description of where exactly the ring is very... awful.