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Did they change the moveset of the greatBs to???? OH PLEASE!!!
You slam the thing down and shoot, just like always buddy
But now you can also shoot through mobs. Although that won't be all that useful most of the time.
Does the use of the Lighting Arrows make any differenz to the scaling? or is it like Dark souls 1?
Nope, just adds the AR of the arrow to the AR of the great bow.


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These are the only greatbows in the game? Seem rather limited. I wish there was a good strength one.
There is a strength greatbow, it's called Millwood Greatbow.
There is lot of items from ds1 dlc in Dark souls 3 dlc ( i seen it in video of ingame unused content ) ,I think there will be goughs greatbow too.
The Millwood great bow is great in PvP due to the weapon art always catches people off guard



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If people still get caught offf guard by the Wep Art it's because there dumb. At this point you should assume if an Greatarrow flys by you and purposelly misses there trying to knock you off the ledge.
If you're going to call people retards you probably shouldn't type like one.
Does the oni slayer really have the shortest range? Or is the wiki wrong.
Onislayer has same range (highest) as Pharos bow.
Actually had a range far greater than the dragonslayer bow. Great bow range is longer than normal bows
Clicking the Millwood Greatbow picture takes you to the Onislayer Greatbow page (07/17/17)
Still takes you to the Onislayer. (04/29/2018)
Still takes you to the Onislayer. (06/11/2018)
Still takes you to the Onislayer. (1/3/2019)
Still takes you to the Onislayer.
Just click the hyperlink



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I fixed it
Tested on PS4- Millwood WA launches the arrow at full damage if you hit, regardless of distance, causes stagger, and if you have at least 10 FP, arrows still explode, without using the rest up. (Tested 3/24/18)
str - 40 dex - 25 No damage boosting ring ** Headshot only ** Dragonslayer greatbow : dragonslayer arrow - damage goes somewhere between 397 - 523 (depending on your distance) Dragonslayer greatbow : onislayer arrow - 460 Dragonslayer greatbow : milwood arrow - 538 Onislayer greatbow : onislayer arrow - 356 Onislayer greatbow : dragonslayer arrow - 410 Onislayer greatbow : milwood arrow - 423 Milwood greatbow : milwood arrow - damage goes somewhere between 647 - 665 (depending on your distance) Milwood greatbow : dragonslayer arrow - damage goes somewhere between 479 - 665 (depending on your distance) Milwood greatbow : onislayer arrow - damage goes somewhere between 548 - 593 (depending on your distance) Tested on silver knights I think the onislayer greatbow is pretty weak compared to the other ones so i didn't bother testing its damage at various distance.
Onislayer greatbow don't suffer from damage reduction with distance and the arrows don't suffer from gravity