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Souls Games traditionally prey on impatience. Enemies have attack patterns. Get an idea how they move and attack when there is an opening.

Also you are INVINCIBLE when you roll. Take advantage of this. Timing and patience are key.
You are not invincible when rolling. The number of times I have been killed while in mid roll is so high. There are attacks or even enemies that seem to hit regardless, same as blocking.


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To the guy who says you arent invincible when you roll- false bro. Ive literally rolled through lava, and no damage. Timed right, you can roll into a spear thrust and take no damage. Same goes for spells and even boss charges. You just have to be aware that the invincibility time does not cover the full roll. There are vulnerable frames before and after, plus fat rolling buffs vulnerable frames.
Did you forget that the only tip necessary is "Git Gud"?
Oh and don't forget to lock on to your opponents!
And when fighting bosses STOP, TWO-HAND AND ROLL!!!
Please, put a spoiler warning on a video like this. It shows in-game footage that may potentially harm being surprised in game.
Don't watch a GUIDE if you don't want to be exposed to things you haven't seen yet.
lol the funny thing is, a LOT of people seem to be allergic to "spoilers" but as soon as they start the game they go straight back onto those guides that contain "spoilers"
My biggest tip for new players is to activelly engage in Online. Im usualy SP player, so when I bought Bloodborne (my first "souls" game") I totally ignored online for the first half of the game. Then I learned about my mistake. Basically this game offecr you two options:
- Help others = if you die in other person world, you will keep all the souls. This is awesome way to learn the enviromenent, enemies, bosses and level up several times without any risks.
- Once you know the level and feel confident, go to loot the level in your world
- The summon other players and to for the boss.
- Repeat in next area.

You will find, that the game is really easy this way.
though not the traditional, legal or moral way to do things, I usually bootleg stuff, so as such, I am unable to play online.

I have managed to tackle the other souls games on my own, however. its just tougher. a LOT tougher at times. you wont be able to get free xp, and only can summon help where AI is available -- however, this does not always make things impossible, it just requires unrelenting skill

at those moments where there is no way to survive otherwise, if your on PC like me, eventually people release hacking utilities like trainers -- I dont find it cheating to use them to add a few thousand souls here or there if it is impossible to win otherwise, especially without online play -- but this is by no means necessary and definitely still cheating to some level. dont overuse it or else you'lll find yourself with a godlike char that cant die! hahahah. butstill. its possible to win single player only. idk about 3, im only at the beginning. but i wont be using online at all
100% agree. I am generally a sp focused player and left the online alone In ds1 and most of ds2. But once in dove in and embraced the MP piece it made the game so much better. Practice an area in someone else's world, still gain souls and don't worry about losing them if you die. It is also a great way to learn boss fights without fear of losing everything.
Tip #1 - Git Gud
How is possible that i can summon only one player? Not hollowing so why ?
or maybe ur too overleveled?
it seems that there are regions in the game that have their own sumoning limits
So I was fighting the Curse-rotted Greatwood and died in the underground arena, you know, when he breaks the floor. I hadn't died since that fight, I did however leave the area(went to Firelink Shrine). I came back to the fight and my stain was nowhere to be found. Not that it was a terrible loss, it was only about 5,000. If it had been more, I would actually be upset, I'm just curious if anyone else has had this issue.
If you die in the second part of the fight, your body you will only be able to get your body in the 2nd part of the fight again
maybe because every time you use a bonfire it will reset the map, in other words enemies you killed so far will respawn


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I'll admit its not good to be too aggressive. You can get caught by attacks easier, more parry vulnerability, you get slammed around more...etc, but that doesnt mean aggression is bad. Its just bad to be too aggressive. You do have to keep watch and block and roll, but sometimes attacking is better. Sometimes, you dont have to roll or block normal foes as you can out range them or hit them first with your weapons. Sometimes when a boss pointlessly wanders around, you can sneak a quick hit in or two, just have stamina for a roll. Often when a boss transforms, even if an explosion is coming, you can snag one hit then roll away. Sometimes if a boss combos the ***** out of you and you live, you can snag a hit, then escape and estus, rather than just estus and escape, as bosses have stamina too. If they keep going, they will eventually walk around pointlessly or rest for a while to regain.( depends on boss ) Sometimes you dont have to wait till the combo is over, sometimes you can roll and end up behind a boss, then score a hit before it faces you and you have to dodge again. Its risky, but its not a blind gamble. Well, it does take some getting used to. Just stay alert and judge situations.
i feel that some points its better to play aggressive like 1v1 a slightly difficult npc, if you combo your hits you can cause them to stagger for a moment allowing you to prolong the combo, another tip for new comers is that 'most' npc have a leash range, meaning they will stop and turn around to walk away, perfect backstab time, when you have spend (or lost) most or all of your souls. take that time to practice your parries, ripostes, I frames, and more, look around with your camera as much as possible and always be ready to roll out