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it would be nice to know how the binoculars function in dark souls 2 they could be used to aim magic
however in dark souls 1 they only functioned as binoculars



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According to the description : "Their utility is singular, but applications many."

So i guess its up to the players to find out? Lol.
I know, what the hell.
The nocs make me sad in 3. They take forever to pull out, can no longer move when looking through them, and while you can still use them to assist casting aim: casting puts them away and you have to bring them back out again to make a second aimed shot.

they're still useful in certain situations, but not even remotely close to being as good as in dark souls 2.
Indeed, I just realized you won't be able to play mage like you could in DS2, so still DS2 is my favoruite, it just has lost all players and there is no online going on anymore.
Yeah I agree 100% . They are lame. Lots of things in DS3 honestly feel hollow (haha) to me. DS2 had great original content and lots of nice tweaks and tune ups to make the players happy. What made them think we would not want the same features in DS3?
I hope some major changes with the DLC are on the way.
This is a singular pair... it is call the Lemaire Fabt Paris.. best binocular of its time.
Lamarfatparis are indeed quite the best in terms of binocular. Very fashionable too.

One Lamarfatparis love man
I would like a patch to rename them the Lemaire Fabt Paris.
what hat is he wearing in the picture? its awesome...
That hat sucks it's no good
It's called 'Sage's Big Hat'. And yes, it is awesome. You can buy it from the Shrine Maiden. Showed up for me after I beat Crystal Sage.
If you like it, you wear it. Fashion Souls for life! Also it's got a pretty cool plague doctor mask fashioned from what looks like bone or some white metal underneath.
Can be traded to Pickel pee
someone should add how you can zoom in while using the binoculars by pushing up on the d-pad. Works with bows too.
Help I accidentally sold my binoculars
lol same was wondering i could get it again
This item is great for looking at boobies and that’s about it