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Sorcerer's crossbow
I dont see why people complain about its damage it got me through ng+4 on a sl 125 build.
does this have hyperarmor frames?
this thing can only be useful for everything (that has dex) BUT a sorcerer, and every other caster class i guess
Haven't used it much in PvP, but I find it has a really cute niche in PvE. It functions very well as a backup ranged weapon for any dex build. It's lighter than any bow or crossbow and doesn't bother with ammo or damage drop off, the ~5 shots at 10 attunment plus a single blue flask is usually going to be enough to make it between bonfires. I was doing decent chunks to enemies at good range with no Int investment, you only get about a 10% boost from leveling Int anyways.
Do you guys think it's a viable main weapon?
I would say Yes in PVE but not recommended in PVP.
I only really enjoy pve and I was considering it on my miracle pyromancer. Thanks!