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Leonhard was a Darkmoon Blade sleeper agent, sent to infiltrate the Fingers and kill Rosaria on Gwyndolin's orders.
***** you. Don't smear his reputation, he loved Rosaria.
Maybe, and thats my personal theory he was bound by an oath to serve the royal Gwyn family. And Rosaria has ties to Anor Londo (her miracle from her soul indicates that). When he found Rosaria maybe he felt it was his job to serve her. Anor Londo was deserted, ruled by Sulyvan. Later, after we have arrived and cleared Anor Londor, he found out Yorshka is alive (there he gets his Crescent Moon Sword) and he realised that beeing an invader isn't the way for a servant of the royal family. And decides to bring Rosaria back.
do not force your romance on the rest of us.
I don't personally think he had any ties to the Darkmoon before he was a finger. I think his views changed overtime as a finger and eventually found that his own personal beliefs were more inline with the Darkmoon, that was when he decided to kill rosaria and vow his own allegiance to gwydolin



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added AR softcaps and Scaling information
Awesome weapon but it is soooooo weak compared to other weapons. Such a shame this weapons looks gorgeous !
So what,screw stats,go fashion souls.
Actually if you use it with a WA shield it gets quite good, it has awesome range so they cant run away and its very unexpected. The wa is quick consumes small amounts of fp and does about 200 -300 dmg, then you can mix in different attacks and youll slowly gnaw away your opponent
It would be cool if you could swing this thing around on the end of a chain.
If there ever was a weapon such as that...
This isn't a Naruto wiki
some weapons do defy the laws of physics in ds realm, but that would be just too silly. no one would believe how it could work.. well, you might. whatever
That actually would be really cool
If you travel a lot and like kusarigamas and Dark Souls, I recommend downloading Shadow Fight 2 on your phone. Kill time greatly and doesnt have a bad story for a "mobile game".

(I actually hate a lot of mobile phone games but this one I can get behind)
sadly, kusarigama 's weren' t used like that in reality, you just fight with the sickle in one hand and use the other hand to swing the chain around. Swinging the sickle at the end of the chain just doesn't work, it bounces off of everything, has*****ty aerodynamics and is very hard to get into your hand again.
Those *****y lizard people get axes on chains in Dragon Peak, so why is it so weird.
swinging around such a thing might be a badass way to kill yourself on accident
I love everyone complaining that it's damage makes it not viable.

you know what makes this thing viable?

Nobody **** expects it. It's not some overused meta weapon that every Dark Infused Exile Curved Greatsword wielding s#itlord invader knows what to do with. I freaking LOVE busting this thing out. Swapping from it to other weapons throws people off greatly, bring a weapon art shield and 50% more of your pew-pew laser weapon art will connect, it's great at catching runners with it's weapon art.

Y'all are just stupid. This thing rules if you can fight using anything other than Running R1's. God forbid we do something other than what Iron Pineapple, Yung Maestro, or whatever **** youtuber is popular now is posting about.


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This is a good weapon. I had never seen it before and got taken out by it last night. The dude was probably wondering why I was not rolling... well it's because I didn't know he could shoot me with a Crescent Sword! But now that I've seen it, I'll be ready next time.
I've tried using the weapon before with 40Int/40Dex, but it isn't even close to the damage of other, better weapons. I'm fine with choosing weapons with low damage (I've tried using the Follower's Torch legitimately before), but the damage is just too low. The split damage really kills it and the weapon art isn't enough to make it redeemable since it's only ok for opponents running away. If you use it in a fight, you're not going to hit anyone unless they seriously mistime rolling it. Fun? A little bit. Viable for Dark Souls 3 PvP? Not really.

Also Iron Pineapple and Yung Maestro are the farthest thing from DS3 meta Youtubers.
"not some overused meta weapon", "God forbid we do something other than what Iron Pineapple, Yung Maestro, or whatever **** youtuber". Who hurt you? See now your the one complaining, this is wiki page for help, If you wanna complain or groan, go to Reddit, keep the Wiki clean of this salt please.

Also, people bought the game, if someone want to R1 spam, they can, if your dying to it, then Git Gud.
You realise yung, pineapple, lost my sanity and fighter are sonpopulae because they are some of the best now there are some other good ones like otzdarva and kind of PvP skills, i don't really care for him because he only sees damage and stuff when looking at weapons, but the reason they are so popular is because they are some of the best at the game they rarely ever use meta weapons the only I
time fighter ever used a meta was twice and he was making a joke video for one and the other to poke fun at tryhards so don't go insulting people who are more likely better than you just because a weapon isn't as good as other it has low damage shirt range and high upgrade cost but that does t mean it can't be a good weapon. It's just needs a bit of a buff it's like the crystal sage rapier a weapon people want to love but can't because it isn't very good
The main complaint isn't that it sucks. The main complaint is about its damage versus the damage of other curved swords. Why would you use this when you could use the falchion. Sure the falchion doesn't have pew-pews but why use a laser for a chase down weapon when you could get more consistent hits with a spear or katana. Yes the weapon is fun but people are complaining about its mediocre damage. It's fun to use, but mediocre at best stat wise
Any weapon "works" if your opponent is ignorant of said weapon when it comes to this game. That's not a good argument for the Crescent Moon Sword's strength in particular. Someone that's too stupid to adapt to an attack that has an obvious firing stance is just too stupid to win anyway and deserved to lose to that weapon/attack.
Damage isnt quite as important when you can combo well and have many chances to attack. I had a guy trash me with homing soulmass and great soul arrow and a zweiahnder
Crescent Moon Sword, also know as Sickle For Communists(tm)(c)
Use with Blacksmith Hammer for full effect
instructions not clear, now everyone is dying of starvation
This comment section, it gives me conniptions



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Is it worth meeting the dex softcap for this so it can be an offhand on a INT buid
I know im late, but dex is worth leveling for magic/faith/pyro builds because it speeds up casting time
The dagger has higher strength scaling than this.
I am so glad that I did leonhards storyline, absolutely love this weapon. Definitely recommend trying it. The magic scythe that it fires actually does decent damage even with basically no magic stats at all