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It now has int scaling now!!
you should still use the moonlight greatsword



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I think you could use both. Crescent Moon Sword for the fast attacks, Moonlight Greatsword for the damage.
try offhand and fairy magic projectiles !
I use the crescent moon sword as kind of a “sidearm” for my moonlight Greatsword. It’s surprisingly good at staggering enemies in PVP if you use it in your offhand as a surprise weapon (difficult to pull off) and it just looks badass with the MGS and any regal-looking armor like Ornstein’s armor.
str requirement you have "??" instead of "-"
You mean scaling.
So it has int scaling now, had anybody tested if the weapon art scale with int?
I tried using this in a 40/40 dex/int build (SL 120). At +5, in pvp its light attack deals about 150 damage on average to other players. The range is comparable to that of a caestus. The WA is slow, has a very small hitbox, often collides with the ground before reaching your enemy, but can deal very good damage IF it hits at point blank. In my opinion, even after the buff, this weapon is very underperforming :c
Come on, make this***** Viable. Its too cool looking to be left as trash.
Get good kid.


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So any lore on this thing and why it's able to use moonlight? Maybe it's a failed creation of Oceiros, given to Leonhart as it was speculated he was a member of the King's blade.
nope, its a moon weapon... remember rosario is a goddess and is most likley related to the 'Queen' and thus to the darkmoon...
It is now beastly
how so? care to explain?
It's weapon art got a speed buff when the 2nd DLC came out.
in group fights the projectile is amazing, it does a lot of damage compared to how fast it is, you can easly catch people runnign away to heal as the projectile is very fast moving
I have a pretty horrible win rate in the duel arena. Just for kicks swapped to this and have started winning consecutive matches, and way more in general than just the random lucky match. Keep in mind this is also on my in no way optimal build with SL 125 and only 32 Dex and 20 Int. I think the important thing is to use the projectile to encourage people to come to you so you can punish with quick R1s, but don't just run away constantly. If you just nudge them occasionally into coming forward they'll be a little less cautious and then you can use the Weapon Art on a read for really high damage by getting the projectile and physical hit and even follow up with an R1 or two. If you want to not be too predictable though mix it up with another weapon that requires different tactics from the opponent, I personally like Storm Curved Sword because style and the weapon art can catch rushers off guard, at least enough so that you can go back to the Crescent after.
Honestly this needs a bit of tracking or some hyper armor either or both to make this a viable weapon which it should honestly be
Anyone know anything about a new soft cap on dex? It says 40 here but after the newest update the cap has been raised to about 60



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Only on sharp infused weapons, and the new soft cap is 80 Dex.
Five really big things that could make this weapon worth the titanite Scales it currently is undeserving of:
1.) Lower the magic base damage of this weapon to 26. And then add the amount lowered from magic to the physical base damage (52 + 78 = 130). Having an even split with shoddy scaling diminishes the effective damage of this weapon entirely.
2.) The INT scaling is low enough (D), so the DEX scaling could be raised back to an A again. This is a weapon wielding by an expert assassin after all, so the DEX scaling should reflect the skill put into it.
3.) Increase the critical to 105. Once again, it is a weapon used be an expert assassin.
4.) Have the weapon skill Crescent Blade scale off the total AR of the weapon.
5.) Increase the activation speed of Crescent Blade.

There, now you have a weapon that uses boss-tier upgrading path, requires the completion of a questline spanning mid-to-late game AFTER killing a certain Lord of Cinder (more if you choose late game in order to not fail Sirrus's questline), and be worth it all!


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I totaly agree!
So far they have only boosted the cast speed of the Crescent Blade