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Can you buff a raw weapon?
I know you can use gold pine on it.
Pretty sure you can buff any physical infusion (except blessed).
Its what you want to do.
Raw weapon+ resin or buff= crazy good damage for minim stats of picked weapon.

Dragonslayer axe for example is godly for faith users.
Godly infusion for early game, lets you vitality gouge early while still having great damage. It actually takes a surprisingly decent amount of investment in Str/Dex for most weapons scaling to outclass raw.
Got a drop from the lantern hollows in the high wall of lothric, particularly the one right down the stairs from the first bonfire. It says that they have a chance of dropping from most hollows in the locations list above so I figured more specifc information would be useful.
I have also gotten one from the Halberd hollow.
I think that spot is the best to farm Raw Gems.
Just go to the second bonfire then use a coin before you trigger the fire breath and get all the hollows on the upper and lower wall killed. Repeat and Profit.


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Confirmed. Dropped for me after a few runs, just used Crystal Sages Rapier and Rusted Coins since i didnt have anything else.
confirming a second time - got it my second try. good chances with the amount of enemies that get 1-shot
You da real mvp
After the lothric castle bobfire there is a spot where 3 naked hollows climb over a ledge to jump you. Got 2 raw gems . Random drop but they drop em


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Spiked maze very high raw damage + Spell buff = insane damage ( you can even stay at 14str/13dex and just use it in two hands)
Elonara, flamberge, pickaxe, large club (very underrated, only 15/16str need for two hands, dont rly know tbh)
you can try almost evey weapon and go for a strong spell buff
for example spiked maze 14 str 13 dex + 60 faith and Darkmoon blade

These BawLZ have a base damage of 69, and can be hand buffed


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sorry, not elonara, i messed up!!
I forgive you.
Raw gems are really good for buffing, especially when its a great sword
I have a question. i am using an Uchigatana and its currently +9 i think? +8 ? should i use a raw gem? i do increase Dex a bit. but would it increase the damage even further? or is it a waste of time and a gem?
Go to Andre and it will tell you how much it will affect the damage. Just act like you are going to infuse it and just before you press "OK" to infuse it, you can look at the damage numbers and see if they go up or down.
Use the sharp stone on it
do stats affect it at all?
No, raw weapons get absolutely no scaling at all, but the base damage of the weapon is increased to make up for this. The Astora straight sword and the Astora great sword both get extra raw scaling for some reason. This makes the Raw Astora Straight Sword one of the best, if not the best, weapon for INT and FAI builds because, you can dump all of your points into INT or FAI and still have a weapon that is really strong. This sword is so strong that many Youtube speedrunners use it. I currently have a +6 Astora straight sword on my INT build. I just beat Pontiff Sullyvahn and the sword is still going strong.
Actually, stats affect any buff you put on raw weapons. So if you buff a raw weapon with great magic weapon at 30 INT, you will get a better buff than if you had buffed it at 20 INT. This is the only way that stats affect raw weapons.