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This shield is able to parry magic btw :D


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where's it from?
Lands afar, where magical shields are wrought upon the crystal fires of Ambrosia!
the way of wite
ahnd teh shield is bwessed wif hi mahgic pwotection.
You need to learn to spell.
if he will we will parry him
it can parry both spells and physical attacks. I would use it but I don't like the looks
i am morten xDDDd l0l this gam suk
are you autistic?
***** u gam is good
For anyone looking for a small shield to wield while sporting the dancer's set, you've found it.
I plan on using it for my Paladin build since its a way of the white shield.
I did the same thing. At first I was just using a small parrying shield, then I found this and realized it fit in perfectly with the set and even more it fit my character, being a hybrid knight-sorcerer.
Can also parry projectile Pyromancies and all forms of lightning spear (confirmed). Unconfirmed: Have not yet tested on Emit Force and Gnaw.
works on gnaw


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It can deflect gnaw and dorhy's gnawing.
Dark Souls 3 -- The Doomslayer: Level 802 ☠ NG+72
Does it perry 100% of magic damage
well no it blocks 81% and a parry parries everything. It parries all attack spells (they're deflected and go around you)
It's not damage reduction, it's an aura that deflects the spell. If it hits you, it still does full damage, but if you successfully parry the spell it's pushed away from you completely.