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By Anonymous
Does this cancel tears of denial?
By Anonymous
Vow of silence doesn’t remove self buffs
By Anonymous
It does not cancel spell effects, it prevents more spells from being casted
By Anonymous
Good for PvE and invasions where people having spell spammers backing them up
By Anonymous
3 spells to use to gain advantage over pure magic damage sorcerers
1. Vow of Silence
2. Great Magic Barrier
3. Magic Barrier
By Anonymous
Sometimes... 15 seconds is all you need to kill someone in Dark Souls
By Anonymous
could this be it... the spell that can finally stop homing soul mass campers?
By Anonymous
Give it 10 more seconds and maybe it becomes something else than a "laugh at my face" spell.
By Anonymous
15 seconds without css and vestige flying over head
By Anonymous
Crystal Sage is unaffected
By Anonymous
This spell works on Crystal Sage
By Anonymous
This spell absolutely works on crystals sage, op probably didn't use it close enough or thought that it would affect tha rapier too (although oddly it doesn't affect their crystal soulmass)
By Anonymous
Got summoned for the Aldrich boss fight and used this spell on him. Then I realized the host was playing a pure mage. I've never seen so much hate come out of a deformed face.
By Anonymous
xD that had to really suck for the host
By Anonymous
poor gwyndolin, eaten by aldrich, then gets his fight cheesed with this miracle
By Anonymous
This is from Londor, not Aldrich
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