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this really looks like the king shield from dark souls 2
yeah it's obviously a reference to ds2
Not "look"...he IS the King Shield. The description is a reference to Vendrick, and the final lines "In the end, he was no king", is a reference at the fact, that Vendrick never took the "true throne" (The Throne of Want), and "never became a true king".
Must. Have. King's. was awesome but now it's even better with the soul effect.
This shield is best pve shield. Not for pvp use because no parry though
depends on the situation
I would use the grass crest personally
apart from the greatshields, this one is the best by far. the defences are all around 60 (excluding lightning), which is around 10 more on each defense from the Stone Parma at 2nd best (which also weighs 2 more). you don't really want to focus on parrying with a normal shield either, so I don't see why'd you'd not be using it because of that. the only alternative I see is Dragon Crest if you're fighting dragons or clearing the Old Demon King area

aaaand it's got a 20% souls gain bonus, which is *****en opp
I still prefer the Black Knight Shield :) But the soul bonus is nice!
@ It doesn't make sense to wear anything else before NG+++ because all you want is to reach ~180SL ASAP. (that lets you have 40 vit,str,dex,vig and 30 faith,int,att which makes you almost immortal in PvE).
All shields depend on situation, I carry about 5 shields, and this is one of them ,its a good shield. I prefer this shields weapon skill on medium shields, over parry skill, I find it better to swap in a small parry shield to parry with , its more effective. So this is a very good general use shield.
You can't see why someone would use, say Grass Crest Shield over Shield of Want? The thing is a "swap-in after boss kill" or "wear while farming" at best, unless you have no better alternative.

Also you only 'need' a parry dagger or a buckler if you're a scrub, the people using them that can parry the *****ing world could do it without them, it's just easier with. Unless of course you prefer the timing of a medium shield, which some people do.

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I'm getting around an 18% difference instead of 20%. Can anyone else confirm?
Tested on the two sitting enemies outside Firelink and first two silver knights in AL. Percentage seems to increase with souls gained. I got 14.29% at Firelink and 16.67% at AL. No rin
Sry, meant to say no ring or avarice.
DOES IT HAVE TO BE IN YOUR HAND TO GIVE MORE SOULS!? or can you just have it equipped but use something else?
As long as you have the shield equipped to one of your hands you will get the bonus, even if you are 2 handing a weapon and the shield is on your back. If you swap out the shield completely for an alternate hand slot such as a pyromancy flame you will lose the bonus.
As long as you have the shield equipped in one of your hand slots you will get the bonus, even if you're 2 handing your weapon and the shield is on your back. If you swap out the shield completely with something like a pyromancy flame you will lose the bonus until you reequip it.
If you have the shield equipped in one of your hands you will get the souls. You can be two handing your main hand with the shield on your back and get will still get the souls. You will not get the souls if you swap out your shield completely with a pyromancy flame etc.
lol site was lagging pretty bad the other day, I guess all 3 went through
I hope we can get bow and scythe of want as well later in the dlc or something
I wish we could get those in dlc too.
its vendricks shield from ds2
I thought it was from King Carlos V :D
so the stability is equal to 60 or 69?
58 at +0