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60 on Spell Buff is Wrong, i play with this staff on the German Version and IG Descriptiion says 110 Spell Buff at Lvl 0
and also my test shown that this Staff deals more DMG than the Sorcerer Start Staff at lvl 1 also his Spell Buff is increased by Upgrade the Staff with titanite.
no it's not wrong, it stays at 60 until you raise your INT past 15 idiot.
sorcerers staff beat this staff after 28 intel.tried +3 sorcerer vs +3 heretic.
Wrong. Im staring at the heretic and sor staff right now with 40 intel. Both are +6 heretic has 176 spell buff and the sorc has 170
another note: heretics staff +9 beats court's staff +9 at 50 int, although it becomes the other way around when at +10
This is the correct staff to use until you can pump your INT very very high. At 40 INT and upgrading this +6 through +10 (possibly at lower levels too) this staff will out damage other ones. At high INT you probably want to switch over to Crystal Sages or Court Sorcerer's. If you pump FAITH high enough as well, Izalith Staff could be a contender.
from what i understand this staff is just a tiny bit weaker than the court staff but only by 40 (going of what i have heard havent tested myself)
It's worth noting that this staff at +9 does more dmg than the court staff +9 at 50 int
Got this and it has 118 spell buff. Tested and spells cast with this (no chant) did more damage than sorc staff+1/storyteller's staff+1.
Spell buff goes to 119, 121, 122 for +1/+2/+3
eh should add, I had 21 int
It's the rogue witch Beatrice's staff from Dark Souls.'s+Catalyst
thanks! was looking for this information.


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I used this staff until I found the Court Sorcerer's Staff; loved it to bits and felt sorry to let it go.
the spell buff stops going up at +9.

thats when to switch to court sorcerers staff.
hitting 840 without steady chant with crystal soul spear with crown of dusk, magic clutch,bellowing dragon crest,sages,and ring of steel protection.
At 42 intelligence, Heretics +3 has 173 spell buff while Sorcerer's +4 has 174. Next upgrades take spell buff to 178 and 175 respectively. It'll be worth checking, but it might be the case that the Sorcerer's staff starts with a higher spell buff stat but gets overtaken by Heretics with enough upgrades. Granted, hardly enough to really matter, seeing the staffs you get later on, but you might save some resources by rushing this one instead of upgrading your starting staff.
sorcerer overtakes it at 51+ INT
For some reason on my xbox one game the heretic's staff spell buf is 60, not 120. any idea why this might happen?
Lack of proper stats, most likely missing the eight strength if you're a sorcerer