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Can get the dark drift and clandestine coat if you give orbecks ashes to Yuri's and then kill Yuri's and give her ashes to the shrine maiden she will sell yurias outfit and orbecks coat as well as give you the motion blade for giving Yuri's orbecks ashes before you kill her just figured that out
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Fashion souls Build:
Obi-Wan Kenobi
26-29% weight
head: nothing
torso: Antiquated Plain Garb
gloves: nothing, or antiquated gloves just for an extra 1% absorption
Legs: Mercenary pants

Start class: mercenary
SL: 31
Vigor: 22 (27 with chain ring) 1000 solid health (1060 with favor ring)
att: 12
end:11 (16 with chain ring)
vit: 10 (15 with chain ring) 104 solid stamina (116 with favor ring)
str: 10
Dex: 28 (minimun to darkdrift)
Int: 10
Fai: 8
Luck: 9

1: Untrue dark ring for invasions, if you 're the host or just don't want fashion, use flynns ring to an extra 8-12 AR bonus OR chloranthy ring for bonus stamina regen
2: leo ring (it boosts up the Darkdrift running attack and weapon art on counter attacks)
3: Chain ring (boots vigor, endurance and vitality)
4: favor ring (it's good)

Darkrift +1| 1º right hand
Fire dagger +2| 2º right hand (if you're feeling tryhard mode or you are just good at parrying use hornet ring instead of leo ring or untrue ring)
Simple Caestus +2| 1º left hand (simple to regen stamina over time)

Pale pine resin: makes your drakdrift an actual blue light saber
church guardian knives or normal knives (recommend normal knives bcs this build is low level so your FP doesn't handle using the WA and the knives together

OPTIONAL: weeds to an extra stamina regen

By Anonymous
Buff this with hidden weapon to watch your opponent collapse.
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