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Is killing Yuria the only way to obtain this item? Seems like many items are only obtained by killing friendly NPC's this time around.


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It's also obtainable post-game if you did the entire "Usurp the Fire" questline and ending and DIDN'T go back to NG+ - her armor drops as well.
eh I wouldn't exactly call her "friendly", she is a darkwraith after all :P which is why I have no problem killing her
Well you lose the chance to get her armour if you kill her (black set )
She's useless, her storyline is dumb, her covenant is lead by a snek and she constantly tells you to kill other people in the shrine.
If you kill her, she drops her ashes aswell. Give it to the granny shopkeeper and she sells her merchant inventory aswell.

You literally lose nothing of value. Except the possibility to trigger her ending.
I killed her, and i don't see Darkdrift in my inventory, is it only a chance that it'll drop?
go to the spot she hangs out its there
Invisible blade confirmed!
Any tips for killing her, having a very hard time.
On PS4 as of patch I could leave firelink shrine out the main entrance, and she could not follow out and just ran in place in the arch way so I was able to two hand power attack her safely. Was a really cheeze way to kill her but it worked.
use an attack with good reach, she can only Estus herself 3 times then she runs out. i just wore her down finally. play it safe and leave stamina for escape. she gets really aggressive after her empty bottle estus attempt
Oops, hit the submit button too soon.

3) Use your weapon arts. The R1 uchigatana weapon art is perfect for starting a combo and usually hitting Yuria right before her own attack lands if you're doing right.

So basically, attack attack attack until you can't, then dodge and repeat. If you're good at parrying do that too. Don't waste your time on hearling or too much defense, she'll just heal herself and you'll be at a disadvantage.
I forgot to mention: Don't try to block! She'll wear you down and then one-shot you. Use your weapon two-handed and only use dodging and parrying for defense.
I killed her by moving round the bonfire and just jabbing at her with a spear,
NPCs and mobs cant leave their assigned areas.
Just walk out of the firelink shrine, she'll be stuck inside, held back by an invisible wall.
Then just poke her with a spear, cast magic or use arrows.

Just dont underestimate the range of darkdrift, it's actually huge.
Pretty much what's already been said, I beat her using a halberd, stab attacks keep distance and let you chip away at her health.
easy way is to lure her to a cliff edge and whack her off. her loot will be at where she hangs out near Yoel
I killed her without using a reach weapon, only an Uchigatana +3 at soul level 30 or so. I died a good twenty times or so before figuring out her timings. If you want to do it this way, I suggest the following:

1) Be aggressive, don't give her time to use her Estus. Don't try to use your own Estus, just focus on parrying dodging, and attacking.

2) Keep an eye on your stamina bar. If you manage to land an attack, keep comboing until you're almost out of stamina, then side-dodge. If she starts comboing you you're probably dead.

What is the difference between the skill darkdrift and the skill shield splitter? It seems the same to me other than the fact that darkdrift's blade is invisible.
nothing really. darkdrift in dark souls 2 did just go through shields, this dose not only the weapon art dose....and to an extent
Annoyingly the sword doesn't ignore shields as far as i could tell only the weapon art dose.
No in dks2 the strong attack went through and this thing was pure trash in dark souls 2 low Dmg low reach
i was just saying because this is from dark souls 2, and that did pierce shields, even normal attacks, so it made it powerful. so thats why its annoying.
yeah, ***** From for not giving you a katana with 100% shield pierce on normal hits.
How would you like a weapon that can't be parried aswell?

kinda the point, thus why it says that's the weapon skill.


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please note before try to kill her (PS4, 1.03)
FALSE. It's a 100% drop
Very easy to kill her, even with an Uchigatana.
Lure her up the stairs to the main entrance of the Shrine.
Stand just out of range and charge up a fully charged power attack.
Roll out of the way as it connects, she can and will 1shot you with darkdrift.
Rinse and repeat. Did this as a lvl 10 with a fire Uchigatana.
I killed her with a few charged R2s from the astora great sword. You get a free hit to agro her and then just keep going until she is dead. By the time she got up each time i was able to recover a sliver of stamina and fully charge another R2. She never even got to swing her sword.
The weapon needs so much des how bout not be a * and wait till you can use the ***** before you fight her
After doing her "quest" and getting the ending, I went back to her at the shrine and she was gone and some items were there instead. Her set and darkdrift.
If you reach one of the endings (Don't remember which one, usurp the fire i think) she disappears and leaves her set
Did Yurias quest, got the Usurp ending and didn't go into new game. Yet she is still standing in the same spot. Didn't leave anything there.. Odd...
Same thing happened for me as well
yeah same here ...bug?


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It's a bug just murder her and get the ashes along with everything else