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By Anonymous
Where iaito from software? *****...
By Anonymous
Black blade actually feels very similar
By Anonymous
Black Blade and Iaito both have a horizontal slash when one handed (R2/RT), but the Black Blade's comes after a poke. That's where the similarities end, though. They're nothing alike. Iaito is horizontal slashes (ninja) to Uchi's vertical slashes (samurai).
By Anonymous
I feel your pain dude. I love the Iaito moveset, but sadly the katana's in DaSIII use a slight variant of the Uchi moveset. The Black Blade is a little different, though. One handed R2/RT it has a poke followed by a horizontal slash and two handed it does a Berzerker Blade vertical slash. I love katana's and it's all I use in Souls games. In DaSIII you can get an Uchi at the very start and about 3/4 into the game you can get the Chaos Blade, of which I am currently using. I might give the Onikiri a try today, though.
By Anonymous
Awesome chaos blade confirmed!
By Anonymous
Na man I reckon Uchi to begin then Blood lust with "A" scaling will dominate without the life loss.
By Anonymous
Except for a pure dex build the chaos blade is better with an s scaling in dex.
By Anonymous
There isn't an Iaito-esque weapon because iaijutsu techniques such as what the Iaito had are built into the weapon arts of several of the katana in the game.
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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
No Blacksteel Katana?
By Anonymous
No Berserker Blade this time around?
By Anonymous
Black Blade is Berserker Blade.
By Anonymous
Black blade is the beserker blade
By Anonymous
BROKEN... need fix.
By Anonymous
Want to see a broken hitbox? Try using r1 with the dark sword.
By Anonymous
"Blah blah blah broken blah blah blah viable" I can tell your one of those players. You probably heal during duels because someone got a combo on you and caught your roll
By Anonymous
Learn how to parry, mate.
Git gud. :)
By Anonymous
I'm sorry guys, but the OP is right on this one... it isn't a matter of them complaining about katanas, they're just bringing forward a real problem that needs fixed, if there is something in game that wasn't meant to happen it needs to be fixed. Are you going to try and argue that the katana running attack is supposed to hit that far? I feel like none of you read the subject of the OP's comment, that being "running attack hitbox", and just proceeded to respond to the body of their message that was saying "broken...need fix". It looks to me like you thought they were complaining about katanas.
By Anonymous
>They are easily spammable with an instant damaging running attack which has 3 times the range of a spear.Somebody is salty :^)
By Anonymous
Parry for the win
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