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By Anonymous
The helm is basically ugly
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By Rads
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The helmet looks like ALF.
By Anonymous
I created a creepy and very bad "damned" king: Morne's set and Lorian's crown; naughty face and long black hair.
Also, since wearing the crown you can't see the eyes, I applied a special tattoo that makes the king look like he is tears blood, its so cool.
Out of all the ones I've tried it's my favorite fashion on dark souls 3
By Anonymous
This is so edgy my wrists slit themselves after reading it
By Anonymous
nice but you need too much vitality for this... however, it would be really cool with a top level character and a massive weapon (Onyx Blade or profaned greatsword for example) and a black knight shield
By Anonymous
When you look more like a dragon then the dragon form, but you're supposed to be a gargoyle.
By Anonymous
Aight imma hit 58 vit.