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Kill the Crystal Sage in the Grand Archives to get the scroll then give the Crystal Scroll to Orbeck and he will sell it
Thanks. The wiki should've included this information.
Can you enchat a weapon with magic at Andre's and then still use this spell on it ?
Praise the Sun for that am I right?
No. Only Weapons with no Infuse or Raw, Refined, Heavy, Sharp and Hollow are buffable.
Bought from: Orbeck of Vinheim for 10,000 souls



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Well it's Crystal Magic Weapon.
To get it you will need Court Sorcerer's Staff +10 (254 spell buff), Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring +20%, Young Dragon Ring +12%, Magic Clutch Ring +15%, Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +40%, Dusk Crown +10%, Steady Enchant.
In theory, should apply 407 magic damage buff to your weapon for 84 seconds.
The young and bellowing do not scale the damage.
If the formula is correct and spell buff scales somewhat equally, aren't there better buff choices?

Court has 60 stock, some others have 130 stock.
the way I understand it, spell buff is essentially the "damage stat" of your spells, which becomes stronger with upgrading a staff, so in theory court sorcerer staff +10 should be the best staff to buff weapons with at 60 int, right?
Darkmoon blade is the best buff
I just finish my 1st playthrough, but since i missed a lot of npc quest i decided to stay in ng, and see if it was possible to make progress on those quests after beating the final boss. Chose to do Orbeck's... It all went well, bought all spells and orback leaves firelink...hovewer I don't have Crystal Magic Weapon spell in my inventory!!
1. You didn't give him scrolls. Orbeck leaves the shrine if you defeat a few bosses without bringing him any scrolls. IDK if he also leaves when you buy every single spell of his, which might be the case here. To my knowledge the only way to ***** up his questline is to defeat 4 or so bosses without giving him any scrolls.
2. It really is a bug and you did give him all the scrolls and all the spells
3. You accidentally sold it .-.
Same thing happened to me. I bought all his spells and he said he was leaving. Then I check my inventory later and I'm missing this one.
Did you look in your box? CMW likes to vanish in to your spell box
I tested this buff for fun yesterday.

+6 Refined Exile Greatsword
+8 Court Sorcerer's Staff
At 45 Int, using Magic Clutch Ring, it gains +200 AR.
Dude, your testing parameters suck and you couldn't be more inefficient
Anyone know what the damage difference between 40 int and 60 int is for this spell?
The buff scales on Intelligence, so the more int, the more damage it adds. And the damage difference is probably between 20/30 magic damage.
i saw these half *** answers and decided to do some legwork for you old chap. For the simple answer skip to the two last lines.
Source link:
The damage of this sorcery is determined by the spell buff stat that increases by 17 per 5 points put into int between level 30 and 45. after this you will see an a steady increase in the spell buff stat by 18 points per 5 lvls. this is true until level 60 when the return for your investment becomes practically non-existent. So the scaling is actually slightly better between lvl 45 and 60.
With 60 int you will get a flat damage buff of 227
With 40 int you will get a flat damage buff of 160

You can't buff weapons that already have elemental damage
I've tried changing it out but nada
Wrong^ buffs don't work with non-physical infusions and not with unique weaponwls
*****ing noob using the dark sword
That's because you have buffed it. Buffs only work with refined my friend.
And heavy and sharp
You can buff any weapon that uses titanite shards to upgrade and DOES NOT have an infusion that give it split dmg
50 int, Crystal Astora greatsword + 10, crystal magic weapon, sage's ring, hornet ring, that dragon ring that increase the length of sorceries, and a ceacestus... Time to oneshot some scrubs
Try tumble buff...
So you'll try to one-shot yourself?
Sages ring won't do anything
You can't buff weapons that are infused with a non-physical damage type. This ain't Dark Souls 2, boi.
Can't buff if infused u fukcing ***