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By Anonymous
I love how I posted a completely innocuous little guide to how to use this weapon, it's one of my favorites, and it got deleted for no reason while all those PKCS guy's comments get to stay
By Anonymous
Try this in pvp with a bleed build, have fun and thank me later ;)
By Anonymous
That sounds like a phenomenal way to never kill another dark souls player ever
By Anonymous
Good for low sl invasion. ganks aren't strong or durable enough until sl 50, even with phantoms that finished the game and uses the twin prince's gs. This monster will cut through their bullsht.
By Anonymous
Oh dear have my precious have grown weak over the many years, i do miss those 2 shot simple attack moveset
By Anonymous
As someone trying to grind to gold in arena with this stupid thing, if you ever lose to a Greataxe in PvP, you should be ashamed of yourself
By Anonymous
Attack speed is notably faster than other Greataxes. Even faster than Zweihander by a fair margin.
By Anonymous
It seems to me that the attack speed is notably exactly the same as all the other greataxes.
By Anonymous
0,3 seconds faster
By Anonymous
everyone has their reason for picking their weapon of choice, me? i just love huge axes.
By Anonymous
same bro
By Anonymous
In terms of pure physical ar, the hollow greataxe is the king. You need luck, str and dex to reach like a whopping 780 ar that can be buffed further via warcry or blessed weapon.
By Anonymous
Love how these weapons still reward you even for missing an attack. Few things are more unfun than trying to space a greataxe.
By Anonymous
Low range and slow, but hits like a truck. Pretty fun stuff.
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