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By Anonymous
My theory about ornstein

1. In dark souls 1 the ornstein was a illusion created by Gwyndolin. Evidence? Smough’s armor mentions he was the last knight to stand in defence of the ruined cathedral. No mention of ornstein. “But why did ornstein have a soul then?” The Dragonslater Armour boss proves to us that regular objects can be given a soul and can fight while being controlled by an outside force.

2. Dark souls 2. Ornstein had already set off to find nameless king before the boss fight in dark souls 1. He presumably wanted him to return and lead in Gwyn’s place but he had already gone mad, so they both fought. Ornstein realized that lightning was ineffective and meddled in dark magic, (one of the nameless king’s weaknesses) which explains why old dragon slayer uses it in Ds2. The reason old dragonslayer’s armor was black is probably because he got scorched by nameless king’s lightning, or nameless king’s storm drake. He was most likely not meant to be defeated in Ds2 seeing as he was an optional bos, so let’s go with the assumption that he wasn’t. (Also explains why old dragon slayer used a Lance and why the dragon slayer spear can be found near nameless king’s arena).

Dark souls 3. During his journey, his armor became weakened and battered, so he left it behind… only for it to be picked up by the pilgrim butterflies. The pilgrim butterflies picked up or created a axe and a shield, then gave made it the weapons of the dragon slayer armor. It is very likely the dragon slayer armor was ornstein’s old armor because there are countless similarities. The lion teeth, the burnt red ponytail, the thigh plating, the lower body chain mail, etc.

So, ornstein created or got someone to create new armor, brand new, golden and exactly like the one in ds1.

Finally he found the nameless king once more and had a fight. If he won then it would’ve been ornstein that we fought in nameless king’s armor.

If he lost, then he was either scorched to ashes by the dragoon’s fire or nameless king’s lightning, or ornstein manage to slay the nameless king’S Storm drake and the nameless king turned ornstein into a new storm drake…

That’s all. Any thoughts on this?
By Anonymous
Yeah, sadly it's pretty much canon. It's a retcon trying to explain why dark souls 2 put orstein in it. In the first game the orstein you fight was always intended to be the original up to ds3.
By Anonymous
My theory is based off of anonymous' theory however it makes no sense to me that someone sworn to defend against dragons and the og lord of cinder's (Gwyn) right hand man would bring back the dragons after the war between gods and dragons. My theory is what if instead of seeking out the nameless king to serve under him, what if he went to fight instead and lost... What if he was stripped from his armor beyond his own will and turned into a dragon cursed to forever fight against the gods thus bringing forth the storm drake in dark souls 3.
By Anonymous
ah my theory, in retrospect yours might make more sense. then again, would it have erased his memory and made him the friend of Nameless? the Storm curved sword tells a tale of how the bond between Nameless and his drake goes way back. but i'm glad we agree that ornstein could believably be the storm drake, what if Ornstein joined Havel, who i believe was trying to join Nameless because he hated gwyn, and decided to follow Nameless when he found him. we know for a fact that Ornstein left the cathedral looking for the firstborn of gwyn. and he made it from his armors presence in Archdragon peak. but what then? either yours or mine could work
By Anonymous
i have a crazy theory, what if Ornstein left the cathedral of Anor Londo and decided to track down the nameless king to serve him, finding him at archdragon peak and learning the way of the dragon. after all of this Ornstein sheds his armor and becomes the storm drake that the King uses. proof? well Ornstein left his armor behind, the storm drake uses lightning same as Ornstein, and we know that a lot of people tried to become dragons but failed, what if, with his power, Ornstein was able to become a dragon and serve his king! (sorry for poor grammar)
By Anonymous
Even crazier theory, what if instead of serving under him, he went to confront him, think about it ornsein is a sworn defender against dragons, why would he want to become one? I think he went to fight the nameless king and lost, was stripped of his armor and transformed into a dragon beyond his will, becoming the storm drake.
By Anonymous
Damn 05 Dec, i thought my theory was cool but yours is awesome! best addition you could have added thank you
By Anonymous
doesnt this set seem more shiny then in dark souls 1(remastered)
By Anonymous
My only problem with this armor are the shoulder pads. Ornstein had them lifted, why can't we have it too?
By Anonymous
Helmet looks amazing with dragonscale (nameless's) armor, the size and color scheme fits perfectly
By Anonymous
I miss Ornstein well at least hes with his old master where he belongs
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
So, i little wild thought i ll just throw out there:

Faraam's knights were also known as lion knights, but this armor resembles a golden lion, maybe different from the one decipted in faraam set.

We could theorize said lion would be the lion of forossa, a land mentioned in ds2 as a kingdom that venerated a god of war.

if said god of war was the sun's first born, then maybe it's true crime was not the alliance with dragons, but rather an attempt to bring new beings similar to them. Ds1 s sanctuary guardian could be what faraam created in his early attempts, as a great flying lion capable of wielding the gods's lightning. Of course, it's possibly a failed experiment as such being was closer to a demon than a dragon (a barbed scorpion tail, goat-like horns and glowing red eyes, wich has nothing to do with a feline's anatomy. Thus, decipting a vicious beast with no place in the world).

If ornstein were truly to become the king of the storm, i'd say the resulting being was a more successful attempt. Not to create a dragon, but a descendant of such race with slight differences: the wings have feathers instead of membranes, the skin is covered not only in scales, but also in fur. And distinctive horns wich are twisted like a goat, rather than the traditional straight or curved horns of a dragon.

These details led me to think that what ornstein truly transformed in was what the easterners called an oni. Despite having the form of a dragon, it has some characteristics more akin to demons. Wich would give sense to what the japanese word "oni" refers to, as such creatures aren't demons per-se, but rather other beings derivated from them.

What i just said might just be a pile of bullsht, but i'll juat throw it over here.
By Anonymous
What I see in the storm drake is a dragonish bird, like a dinosaur in transition of becoming a bird
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