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Given to Irina of Carim. Unlocks Deep Protection and Gnaw miracles.
God ***** mimic drop his headset instead, gg


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when they drop that you only have to wait a second or two and loo tthem again for the proper item
I thought you could also give this to the other lass who's name I cant think of right now. Thus keeping the firekeeper ending for Irina. Forgive me if im wrong.
you can, and she can read it (although she will refuse the first time, the second time she'll agree)
For consistency (and assisting Irina in becoming a Fire Keeper), the same note from the Londor Braille Divine Tome page should be added to this page:

The miracles in this tome count as dark. Giving it to Irina and buying one of the dark miracles fails her quest line. Giving it to her but not purchasing any of the miracles does not, and the tome will be beside her if you finish her quest line.
Do this if you do not wish for Morne to come and take Irina away after buying too many Dark Miracles from her. Karla will be more than happy to teach you them without impacting Irina's presence in the Firelink Shrine.
Man reading this wiki is just revealing one mistake after another. “I wonder what this thing that I did does” reads wiki: doing this will ***** up (insert person here)’s Life and make you a masive *****hole. Granted I’m not really intending on getting those spells but I still felt bad giving the time to her since I didn’t know there’s someone else that’s fine with it.



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Let’s just say not fine with it, but you just keep insisting her to do it till she does
Buying dark spells doesn't "fail" her questline. There are no rewards for doing one thing or another. If you buy the dark spells it means she doesn't become a firekeeper. If you don't buy the dark spells it means you can waste your time running to the tower to level up at her, until you inevitably start a new playthrough or stop leveling up altogether. It literally makes no difference whatsoever except for completion's sake. And if you're trying to complete every possible "ending" then this still isn't a "failure" of a questline. It's one possible outcome. You could just as easily say that neglecting to buy her dark spells fails the quest, since it changes the outcome. Neither one gives any sort of reward
well it is a quest without rewards but you dont have mourn take her away and try to kill you if you buy her bright spells. Its more of 'yay you made her not say the insects are gnawing at my flesh please dont make me learn this.'
And here we have a perfect example of someone who makes decisions based solely on how he's rewarded.
I got so upset. I am doing my very first ever Blind playthrough of Dark Souls 3(Dark Souls 1 Veteran) and when I had to kill Egon and she was sad I almost cried lol
Literally no one asked lol