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change the w.a to the charge light wave he does instead of a fire one
because he is fighting with the twin princes greatsword. Interesting fact for cosplayers I asume...
Change WA to the OP teleport pls
Lothric is rather charging Lorians GS up. First phase from his bed, second phase you can directly see how he uses his hands/catalyst for it. Still think Lorian is using his sword not the twin princes variant.
Does it do strike damage now? I see in ingame description standard/thrust, although attacks on Gael (who is weak to strike) do good damage
I see that too. Was it changed to strike damage but not changed in the in-game description?
Has anyone tried a 40/40/40/40 build yet? And if so how much damage does it yield when refined to plus five?
733 AR one handed before the WA buff with 40/40/40/40, but in practice this is usually somewhere around 400 damage in PvP. Not bad certainly, but about on par with other ultra weapons. Also not a big step up from just a quality 40/40 build - if you're SL200 whatever and have the stats to go 40/40/40/40 then there are much better ways to get damage.
Sorry, didn't mean to say WA buff - there's no buff on this.


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Weapon art adds 80 fire damage.
so which is better lorians greatsword or the lothric knight greatsword?
Lothric GS alone by the fact you can obtain it way earlier. Has better scaling too and is EXTREMLY usefull against Midir-zilla. But Lorians beats them all when it comes to the look. And sound. PvP wise they differences aren't that great on a 120 build.
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Ironic that SoC is strong against fire. Demon Prince, too. And Midir. Nameless King isn't impressed either. Nor his pet. Lorians GS is only good against Friede really. PvP aside it is one of the most useless weapons this late in the game where you want either a dark or a lightning weapon. But not fire.
How is that "ironic"? SoC, Demon's Prince, ODK and Midir are the only bosses with any significant fire resistance. Nameless King is literally weak to fire Lmao, so I don't know what your talking about. Fire damage is literally one of the best elements in the game alongside lightning for PvE purposes. Most standard enemies are weak to it, as are some bosses. Those that don't have any specific weakness to it do not have any significant resistance to it either. A large chunk of this weapon's damage is physical anyway. It's far from "the most useless" weapon. If anything, it's one of the very best there is.
That wasn't meant as a troll comment. 2k hours in the game (so far). I was completly serious. Fire based damage is the least you want after the Twin Princes fight. That's factual. You can't argue against it without rendering yourself completly ignorant. If you like it or not. Personaly I love this weapon. It's great! But that's beside the point I made.
You can always have more than one weapon. I have several I use and pick the one best suited for the fight. You are not bound to one which must be good against everything.
"Fire based damage is the least you want after Twin Princes. That's a fact".

No, it's not a fact. There are 5-8 bosses classifiable as endgame bosses after the Twin Princes. First you have the Nameless King, an optional boss that can be defeated even before the TP fight, but I'm just including it in this category nonetheless. He has two phases, King of the Storm phase and his own phase. The stormdrake in the first phase is resistant to fire, and therefore lightning is the ideal element. However, the more difficult phase is the next one, which is against the King himself. The NK is resistant to lightning and is weak against fire. Therefore, any fire based weapon will serve perfectly well against him (including the LG, provided of course you are comfortable with using a slower weapon like a UG).

Next up are the SoC, Demon Prince and Midir. All of whom are resistant to fire. Your point holds good here.

Then you have Halflight, who is a minor NPC style boss. Literally any type of weapon can kill him, especially a hard hitting one like Lorian's. He is also weak to fire, so double cheers for fire weapons.

Finally you have Gael, who is not resistant to Fire nor does he possess any specific weakness. However, since his resistance is not significant, any fire weapon does just fine. In fact, any weapon that is not Dark or Magic based does perfectly well against him.

You also have the AoA bosses, Friede and the Gravetender (which you can do any time before or after the Princes, but given Friede's difficulty I am classifying her as a late game boss), Gravetender is weak to fire. Friede wields no significant resistance against fire, so fire works just fine. In her second phase, Father Ariandel is a being who is weak to fire. As such a fire weapon makes the overall fight easier by letting you kill him quickly and thus putting you at less of a risk of being destroyed by Friede in or before Phase 3, As such, fire weapons are great for the fight as a whole>

Bosses aside, you have the mobs. Most of the mobs in the game (early game or late game) are very susceptible to fire. Fire is easily one of the best weapons against a standard enemy. Some are resistant, but most are weak or have no notable resistance. As such, fire damage is very much useful.

So no, I would disagree with your point. Fire damage is still very well useful in lategame. In cases where it's not, then just switch to another weapon that is suitable for the scenario. In all my playthroughs I do just that. No single weapon in the game is going to be the perfect one for any and all situations. Expecting it to be so is ridiculous.
Ok, you are the obtuse one. AoA is a whole DLC pack that that weapon works GREAT on. And while you have a semi point on SOME bosses, the sword works great for the RC DLC. The moveset alone with self buff makes it great. And it's a real winner on Gael, especially using the WA to catch him in the third phase. Also next time you want to make a sweeping statement, try backing it up with facts like one person did rather than flail around, stomping your foot saying it's so.
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Lorian's greatsword best Ultra with the profaned greatsword.
This weapon looks just like the bitter end from Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
no it doesn't
nonetheless thanks for bringing up that gem of a game!
Just use a profaned greatsword.
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