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how much damage does the weapon art buff add?
Could the demon prince that Lorian slayed be someone who inherited the witch Izalith lord soul?
No she is killed in dark souls one with the chosen undead
Fire buff adds 80 AR to the weapon.


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What material does this upgrade with? I'm doing a full str build with heavy weapons and I want this in the arsenal
All weapons created through soul transposition are upgraded with titanite Scales. Fully upgrading any weapon requires a titanite Slab
True in most cases, but some weapons created by transposition upgrade with regular titanite (ex: Cleric's Candlestick) but they are exceptions.


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PLEASE do not add your scaling to the tables, add only the base damage. When the game shows something like xxx + xxx in the equip menu, only the first numbers are the base damage, the second set of numbers (after the +) are the bonus scaling your character gets from his stats.
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Dafuq are u talking about?
then no. a wiki is to provide information and as much as possible. they wont submit to some guys ocd for simplicity



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Now just to be that guy, what if the scaling was the scaling at the base requirements?


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Still don't add the scaling. Various people will have various scaling and most likely they'll exceed the required stats. The base damage is the same for everyone and stats in this part of the wiki should be as simple as possible.
Is this greatsword worth the scaling if I go 50/50/50/50? Thinking about using this for a late-lategame weapon similar to greatsword of artorias from dks1.
I'm 40 across the board and have almost 900 AR on the beast
Probably the strongest UGS in the game

I've got 800 with the buff. Ridiculous damage especially when you consider that this weapon buffs itself, has innate fire which means fire clutch ring boosts damage still further. It's not all that heavy and has faster attack speed than a lot of other weapons its size. Ridiculous weapon
At about SL 120 you can hit 900 dmg easy with a charge r2 or the weapon art for around the same dmg
At level 75 and I'm doing 900 dmg with a charged spear attack... So no that's not hard hitting at all for an UGS.
I'd love to know how you're getting your spear to deal 900 damage, even with a fully charged attack... there's no way you didn't tailor literally your ENTIRE build around that spear to hit that high so don't even... hitting 900 IS high, even for an UGS. Not that it matters... hitting 900 is sufficient in ANY situation, doesn't matter what level you can hit it at, just that you can. I'm assuming you're running a one shot build?
Quality build makes this weapon far better than most great swords and even the Firelink Greatsword. From did a good job of putting its requirements just out of reach for a SL1 Deprived PvP build