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Soooo how do I open the locked door under the second bonfire?



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You have to come up from downstairs via a lift. Check out the map
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Yeah i have the same question
the door i think you are thinking of is unlocked once you talk to a guy in fire link (he gave you the 5 red orbs) however he needs you to have gotten a pale tongue (one can be found in a zone later on / or by successfully invading) before giving you the key
@fexelea you're thinking of a wrong bonfire, the locked door under "Tower on the wall" bonfire is locked, and the room behind it doesn't appear on the map, as far as I can tell.
Can we summon from the beginning of the map like in the network stress test?
Did you find an answer to this?
The dragon seems to give you a Large titanite Shard when you kill it, I didn't find anything different after I killed it by shooting ~70 arrows at its arm.
Oh yeah, I should have said this, but shooting at the arm/fingers seemed to do the same amount of damage as hitting the head, but I can't confirm this anymore without starting a new character, so could someone confirm that? I shot at the dragon from the top of the stairs and ran down everytime it did its fire attack.
I got the large *** shard without killing the Dragon. It had about 10% hp left then I got the shard and the Dragon flew away..
I should have said it flew away instead of died, but yeah.
Are there any known illusory walls? I've seen a few notes with high approvals in this area but I can't seem to get past the walls where the notes are. Or are these just trolls?
I don't know exactly what happened but when I first encountered the first Mimic in the area, I first climed the ladder and shot it with Arrows. However, it sprinted straight underneath me. I thought I could defeat it so I went down and ...nope! So I tried again, this time without arrows. Nope again. Tried a third time and with arrows again, went straight underneath again. So I jumped to the other platform to shoot arrows from there but it was gone! So I went up the doorway and got killed by that skilled knight. Coming back the Mimic chest was no longer there and left an item. It was pretty late in the evening so I can't remember what it was but it looked important. Can someone else confirm?
Same thing here. Maybe it actually glitched through the wall/floor and die.
Also happened to me. I lost sight of it and when i came back, the item was on the ground. I believe the mimic walked into the dragon's fire and died there. Or something like that.
It would have dropped the Deep Battle Axe, which is a pretty decent strength weapon


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The Red Eye Orb is missing.
Don't see any mention of the Astora long sword,

In the area above the fountain, with three enemies and a hound, there is a ledge above them with a chest.
to reach it, once you enter the area using the ladder, fight past the halberd wielding knight, and before entering turn right, break the barrels, continue round and drop down to the ledge below.
Also, apologies for any spelling areas or slight inaccuracies, typing this from memory
After the fountain, up the stairs past the crossbow hollow, and up once more on the path to the elevator. Green Blossom x2 to left of arch you just came through.
Up where the third knight is (near Emma), there's a lucerne in the middle of his patrol route.