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Have killed all bosses but fire keeper is not appearing at the bonfire so I cannot kneel to her to complete the game any help would be appreciated.
You also need to put the "cinder of lords" at the appropriate thrones in the firelink shrine. You get these from killing the lords themselves, so if you indeed did kill them, you should have them in your inventory, just go to the thrones and you should get an option to put them on the throne at each throne (except ludleth perhaps, I don't know for sure, haven't played the game yet).
Stupid N. I. G. G. E. R
Can someone please translate the guide page, for some reason it appears to be written in latin or a language derived almost directly from it and I would rather not be required to spend two hours reading it trying to remember the basics.
Just ignore me, I was trying to make a joke and apparently some people did not like that.



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This is what is says on the other pages.... meaning its gonne be added soon -->

All i can get so far is that there are like eight or so embers in the are, they expaect you to die a lot before killing the boss.
The guide isn't in latin. It's example text called Lorum Ipsum. Nothing is written.
Looks like if you kill the firekeeper and in the betrayal ending you do not get the "The End of Fire" achievement. Unless my game is bugged.
You're not only one. I have same problem.
There is no Problem, if you kill her, you get the ''Secret'' 4th Ending and there is no Achievement/Trophy for this :(
You stupid.
I have a feeling based on how he fights, He's suppose to be the main character from DS1.
The Soul of Cinder is the manifestation of everyone who has linked the flame, so technically speaking, you're fighting yourself from DS1 and 2 (If you ever linked the flame with your characters) in the first phase, and have a rematch with Gwyn in the second phase
After completing the "Usurper of Fire" side quest you can summon Yuria and Londo to help you fight
Getting the 4th ending doesn't grant the trophy for the End of Fire ending.


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Do you have to go ng+ to get the trophy for beating the game? I assume there is one, and I didn't get anything after final boss and credits


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if i hypothetically decided to opt out of ng+ to keep exploring how do I proceed to the next playthrough after im done?
Just go to the firelink bonfire and there will be a option to begin journey 2
I went through the Yuria/Anri quest very carefully (spoilers: talked to Anri, talked to Yuria after five sigils, left the pilgrim alive, killed Horace, stabbed Anri in the face, was told to wrest the flame, etc) but when I go up to the flame it still says "link the first flame." My thought is that it may just say that and interracting will cause the usurper ending, but I don't want to have to deal with that questline again so I thought I'd check.
Short version: if you're going for the usurper/lord of hollows ending, should the flame still say "link the first flame" or have I missed/glitched something?
Thank you for the answer! :)
I tried looking at videos to see the text, but all I could find had Japanese text
"stabbed Anri in the face" = marry ;D
Yes it'll still say link the flame. I just did it and was confused as well
You didnt mention anything about marrying anri
Did the usurper ending just yesterday and the prompt was indeed link the first flame. Enjoy your ending~
Just do it, ya never know ya might like it...