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By Anonymous
Love how the table has the damage but not the stability
By Anonymous
I, Giorno Giovanna, have a shield.
By Anonymous
This sheild is nice for farron hail, since the amount of projectiles makes it a bit annoying to dodge
By Anonymous
Lul. Mages are the weakest oponents in pvp. All spells are easy to dodge and their weapons, if they have any, do terrible split damage. Why the hell would i try to parry spells? So the mage has a chance to hit me with his plink-plonk spell?
By SolNihilus
For swagger obviously lol maybe for a little emotional damage too.
Style over substance baby.
By Anonymous
Mages are basically rare pokemon at this stage, so spell parry is 95% pointless nowadays. So that makes this the worst crest shield because once you buff with magic shield, the magic defense is redundant, and the other shields gain more from the buff. It might be worse off in values, but at least Grass Crest increases stamina regen for offense & evasion.
By Anonymous
Would buffing with magic shield not make you a mage?
By Anonymous
How to infuriate all spell-casters 101.
Step 1. Spell parry or roll around spells
Step 2. Cast Vow of Silence
Step 3. Watch their worthless attempts to try and attack you
Step 4. Proceed to curb-stop them.
Notice: If this does not work, git gud
By Anonymous
Plot twist. They actually have decent skill and weapons and curbstomp you instead
By Anonymous
who the hell runs vow of silence
By Anonymous
Plot twist once more: parry their normal weapons too