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This showed up for me the same time as the firelink set, I wonder if you can get the rest perhaps through ng+, ng++ and finally ng+++
Did you do Orbeck's questline? Maybe the coat shows up in the Handmaid's shop after his questline is finished and is found in the Grand Archives.
who drops these armor?
You have to kill the Sorcerer you find Fortress Ruins before the Crystal Sage.


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there is a male and female variant.
By being female
How do you get the female variant?
Or acting really, REALLY feminine
Done only the ring of reversal and hit Midirs tail untill it drops, bone out, take it to Andre and reinforce to +6, fight Midir again with this weapon, when defeated it will also drop knickers along with the usual things, take these to Greyrat or Patches and do the frustration gesture before speaking, then sell the item, quit out or warp somewhere, return to buy the item named soul of the runway, go to the maiden in untended graves shrine and turn in these passing fine ashes, and now you can buy the garb from her.


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I can't say for certain since I've not fully beaten/explored the game, but just reading this page and with common sense, I'd guess there aren't any other pieces. I don't know if anyone's noticed, but this is just the sorcerer robe minus the white coat. The other sorcerer set pieces are likely meant to make up the rest of it.
Orbiek wears the old sorcerer gloves and boots


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Well, in terms of Fashion Souls those pieces from Sorcerer's set do not match at all. Pieces from Court Sorcerer's set are a good choice here.
Killing him does not offer the ability to buy his set from the shrine handmaiden
Did you give her his ashes?
It did for me, and I didn't even give his ashes to the handmaiden--I killed him as part of Yuria's "assassination" quest and gave the ashes to her for proof. Later I noticed this in the handmaiden's shop.
yes it does
There's a female variant
It is better to finish his quest line by buying all his spells and getting his ashes from the grand archives similar to greirat and then getting the morian blade through yurias quest
Didn't seriously anybody noticed something about the female version? I mean...LOOK!!! This thing is a gift of heaven people! Thanks FROM. DOMO ARIGATOU!!!
Calm the hell down
I gave the ashes to Yuria and it was still in the handmaid's shop