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this place where dumb be (invaders)
Judging from your sentence structure. I think you're the *.
Agreed, if you have to invade in places where you know people are preping for the Boss then you got a small pecker. I do however like catching them. I'm camping for Invaders right now
i lost my*****here
lost my dicc here too m8
I have no hollowing, yet there are no summon signs. Even when it shows people there.
You need to be ember and make sure you don't have your sign down.
What the heck is the second door on the right for? Is it useless? I have to know...
It's nothing. Time for sadness.
Is it me or is it normal to get souls from sitting at the bonfire?
yeah it happens to me too, idk what it is...
Some random enemy fell



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An Orlando xD
I frequently invade and some people's world the trees and bishes are silver and im sure its not moded they have completed thr wedding quest maybe does anyone know
did aldrich attack the illusion of gwynevere? if so it would explain why its gone
I am curious, Did Aldrich also attack the illusion of gwynevere, thinking it was real and trying to consume her? If so thatwould explain why the illusion is gone.
The illusion of Gwynevere was there beacause of Gwyndolin, so it probably disappeard once Aldrich ate Gwyndolin