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Iv killed Aldrich but the Irathyll bonfire isnt an option for me to travel to? Whats happend
Lord of the Rings references: "Anor" is sindarin, a language in Middle Earth meaning translated into english "sun" ->(Minath Anor = Sun City). Middle Earth seems to be the source of "Irythill" aswell probably. "Ithil" means "moon" in sindarin.
salted pork?!
It's also a reference to Dark Souls 1
Anor londo in DS 1:
-Journey thyself in the land of the Gods, when thou has to cross the chapel of the painted world, cross the balconies against the notorious Silver Knights archers, avoiding being impaled into the abyss below, and fight the known Knight Captain Ornstein and its brother in arms Smough, the maneater executioner.

Only then, thou can claim entrance into Gwyndolins chamer, and retreiver the Lordvessel.

Anor Londo in Ds3:
-Drowning in Silver knight set and titanite, but hardly anyone here has ears to drop.
What is this?
The Deaf knights of Londo?
On ps4 at sl 190, my character Jericho_ 326 will invade to defend u from other invaders, i will leave 3 embers for all players (host and phantom) use a seed of a giant and i will help u fight other things to the boss, but be careful not to hit me
I got invaded by a 'Host of Embers' during the Aldrich boss fight. How is this possible?
Usually, it's not possible but other people have reported the same thing on Reddit. Seems to be a glitch.
They just patched this.


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From one of the rings I believe.
By Host of Embers, do you mean they don't glow with some color, like red or white, and don't look like a phantom, or something else? Because there is a ring in the game that makes you look like human and not like a phantom when invading/being summoned to a world.

If not, then it's a glitch, or they just hacked or something...
Why does it not seem possible for me to summon more than one ally?
Try the "Guidance" miracle. If it still doesn't show any other signs it's because there aren't any.
where can i find the guidance miracle?
Did u use dried fingers?
It's because it's a high pop area and they don't want it congested.... plus you Aldrich faithful and red evil ppl joining you to much lag if multiple ppl
When your hollowing level is high, at 99 or close to it, then the amount of people you can summon gets decreased. Also, if you're in someone else's world, as an invader, and your hollowing level is high, too, then the amount of people they can summon after you entered his/her/their world is decreased, too.
Should be fairly easy for 105sl. I missed Anor Londo completely.
Can you get into the grave area where you had to fight that boss in dark souls 1?


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If you're referring to Gwyn's Tomb, then yes, its behind an illusionary wall immediately prior to the rotating lift.
I keep wondering why the window of the upper level is no longer broken. It's a detail from the first game, and feels like a weird detail to gloss over or dismiss.
Perhaps it got repaired in the path hundred years?
Well... considering this place was not repaired in AGES, I don't think that's the case lol.
Aldritch got a contractor in there to fix it he may be a cannibal but he’s not a *****ing savage
i was invading after the pontiff boss fight and for some reason the world was made of silver?
it was probably modded
I invaded a world that looked like it was raining abyssal goo...